Bodybuilding Motivation: These Freaks Of Nature Are More Than Just Steroids

Not just Steroids.

With the debate about performance enhancing drugs running rampant everywhere from the UFC to the IFBB – this video of never been more rampant.

People love to make excuses. If someone else is where we want to be in life… it’s because they’re richer than us, they were born with more privilege, a better body, better genetics, or any other list of excuses. But the truth is the buck stops with us. Every life is different but in order for change to occur (whether it’s social, personal, or otherwise), we can’t have excuses. We need to have iron will. We need to rise up and meet any challenge, no matter how unfair it may appear. The world isn’t fair, deal with it. Instead of complaining – play the cards you were dealt – and work your ass off.

That’s specifically what this youtube video by Makaveli Motivation addresses. The video displays Mass Monsters of the game (Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Jose Raymond, Kevin Levrone, etc…)  with a background monologue about how even if you take steroids you still have to workout with steel fortitude to achieve these freakish results. So next time you catch yourself throwing out a blanket statement about the Juggernaut next to you, think again…it’s not “just steroids.”

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