Is The Bodybuilding Industry Gay for Pay? Bodybuilding Troll Vince Goodrum Takes Shots at Nick Trigili

Self-proclaimed bodybuilding troll Vince Goodrum posted a video slamming Generation Iron for hiring “Gay 4 Pay” bodybuilding consult Nick Trigili.

Vince Goodrum, a YouTuber whose bio simply reads “The First Ever Bodybuilding & Fitness Internet Troll Of The Industry,” called out Generation Iron on his YouTube channel for rumors that contributor Nick Trigili was involved in gay for pay schemes despite not actually being gay. While former bodybuilders and fitness experts frequently contribute to Generation Iron as freelance journalists, Nick Trigili has never been formally employed or legally contracted by our organization.

The video is a fairly obvious grab for views that, in typical clickbait format, pairs up a shocking video title with a not-so-shocking video reveal.

“Here’s my opinion about this,” says Vince Goodrum very early on in the video. “From where it stands, Nick Trigili has done gay for pay. If you go on Pornhub he’s wrestled around with skinny twinks. He’s been in the shower, he’s nutted all over the place. He’s also done some other soft porn guy s***.”  That’s a very interesting opinion to express in a video that is literally titled NICK TRIGILI: GAY 4 PAY BODYBUILDER HIRED BY GENERATION IRON….SAD!!!

The remaining four minutes of the video delve into Nick Trigili’s sexual life and habits. Goodrum says Trigili claims a man “paid him $30,000 dollars for oral sex,” then backtracks and says he refuses to share information that “can’t be verified.” What any of this has to do with Generation Iron is extremely unclear, but Goodrum continues to speculate on Trigili’s sexuality throughout the video.

Goodrum later pivots from being obsessed with outing Nick Trigili to criticizing sex work and porn as institutions. Again, Generation Iron is not mentioned.

“No person should ever do any sexual activities for money,” Vince Goodrum says. “Much less do it on video. That is just nasty. Ew, ew, ew.”

“Generation Iron is welcome to have him,” Vince Goodrum continues. “I certainly wouldn’t hire him for my company, ever.”

YouTube is no stranger to obscene and demeaning videos, though Goodrum’s is exceptional for his total lack of relevancy. Commenters seemed to notice this, too, frequently pointing out in the mentions under the video that it was not really anyone’s business what Nick Trigili does in his personal time. That Goodrum would imply that he should not be hired or welcomed in the community because of his sexuality or what he chooses to do in his personal time is a dangerous suggestion.

Goodrum does bring into focus a growing concern in the bodybuilding industry, one that has been motivated by money for decades. We’ve asked several prominent bodybuilders who have shared stories of selling old underwear, to doing muscle worshipping and even receiving offers for sex from males. There are also claims of many rich gay men sponsoring bodybuilding events and athletes.

It’s not a secret that homosexual men have paid for sex with bodybuilders. Muscle worshiping is prevalent amongst gay men, but it’s also widespread amongst the bodybuilding industry and those who find muscle and getting dominated by an individual arousing. Bodybuilders for years have used alternate means to supplement their bodybuilding careers which at times can be costly with the diminishing sponsorship opportunities and the lack of prize money at shows.

While researching for this piece, we spoke with many people under anonymity who were surprised to see how many knew of bodybuilders having gay for pay sex pages online with other men but insisting they were straight. One of the biggest hunting grounds for them has turned out to be dating apps and webcams. It’s no surprise that with a quick search on google, you are able to find several pages and links.

Goodrum is certainly living up to his name as the signature troll of the bodybuilding and fitness community, though he’s hardly the first. Gossip outlets circulate rumors and stir the pot as a way of driving up engagement and user-clicks without having to put in the effort to research, create, and edit a truly informative piece. There are many forums dedicated to bodybuilding gossip that have threads numbering in the hundreds of thousands; sadly, Vince Goodrum has yet to make it to that level, since his channel has less than 800 subscribers and falsely claimed Nick Trigili was employed by Generation Iron.

If Goodrum is out here striving to be the person in the bodybuilding industry who is most obsessed with other people’s business, he has certainly succeeded.

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