Bodybuilding VS Powerlifting: The Straight Truth

The differences between body building and powerlifting.

In the sports industry there are many different elements that set each sport apart from each other. Different forms of practicing, certain diets the athletes have to follow, how to mentally prepare themselves, etc.  However there is one thing that most sports do have in common, and that is most athletes are on a strength program. It doesn’t matter what sport you play, a strength program will most likely help you improve in most aspects of your game. Whether you’re a baseball player trying to hit the ball 50 feet further or a football player trying to beef up to smash someone that much harder, strength programs benefit!

Now that we are on the subject of strength programs with sports, there are two major standout sports where strength training is the sport itself. Those two sports are bodybuilding and powerlifting. Yes, there are many ways that these two sports are the same. Both require lifting weights, both require certain diets, both require more muscle to be better at the sport, etc.. However there are MANY ways these two sports differ & that’s what I’m here to tell you about today.

As a bodybuilder & power lifter I can see both sides of the equation and how they so drastically differ in many aspects. Two of the biggest ways are in the style of training and the diets to follow for each.

You ever wonder why so many bodybuilders looks HUGE compared to powerlifters – yet many power lifters will greatly out lift bodybuilders? It’s because the way they train with weights hit their muscles and nervous systems differently which gives different results on the body. To start off we will quickly cover the style of training for bodybuilding. As many of you know it isn’t all about the heavy weight (although occasionally it does help.) But it’s more about the contraction, the pump & doing whatever you have to do to tear that deep muscle tissue & swell those cells with blood to get that overall bodybuilding look! An example of a great bodybuilding workout would be Hany Rambod’s FST-7 training. In this style of training you do 4-5 lifts for each body part for sets of 8-10. Then on the final lift you do an isolation lift for whatever body part you’re training and do it for 7 sets of 10. Talk about feeling the burn! Give it a try for yourself.

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