3 Bodyweight Exercises For Powerful Back & Arms

bodyweight exercises

Build muscle and improve power with bodyweight exercises.

Building up the body can be as simple as getting into the gym and hitting the weights with relish. Most bodybuilders are going to naturally gravitate towards using weight training to maximize their growth. It’s the most effective way to grow muscle mass. Lifting massive weight in efforts to see those muscles grow in both strength and size. Plus, it’s fun to lift big weight and show off your strength.

But it’s not the only way to build muscle. For building up biceps there’s no better option than the dumbbell biceps curls. But not everyone has access to a gym after all and there are those with no equipment at home workouts to help promote growth.

So, what’s to be done? Body weight exercises that’s what. If you’re looking to blow up your arms, then try these body weight exercises to great effect. Using bodyweight exercises gives you the chance to see effective growth while also working with exercises that are a bit easier on those joints. By not feeling so strained with weights, bodyweight exercises allow you to focus on certain things like mind-muscle connection while also seeing great gains.

Let’s take a look at these bodyweight exercises and see just what’s up with them. For you to abandon weights on certain days will take some convincing but we are sure with these bodyweight exercises that you will be more than willing to at least try.

bodyweight exercises

Benefits Of Bodyweight Exercises

Knowing the benefits of bodyweight exercises can go a long way, especially as you look to see the most effective gains possible for functional or sport specific movements. The benefits may be enough to convince you to put these into your routine to see great gains to muscle growth and other important workout factors.

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Benefits of bodyweight exercises include:

  • Full body workout: Most bodyweight exercises require your full body and many muscles to actually get the most out of that exercise. This will culminate in a nice full body workout.
  • Better mind-muscle connection: With bodyweight exercises you start to develop better mind-muscle connection which will greatly enhance those lifts once you go back to weights.
  • Helps with flexibility: Focusing on just the movement will enhance flexibility and allow better range of motion since you no longer have to deal with weights restricting you.
  • Can be done anywhere: Bodyweight exercises can be done anywhere! You don’t have to worry about a gym or weights or anything since these can be done anywhere and at anytime for your convenience.

bodyweight exercises

3 Bodyweight Exercises For Powerful Back & Arms

Let’s take a look at 3 great bodyweight exercises that can work to enhance those gains. Knowing the right exercises to try and perform can go a long way and with the right approach, you can produce powerful back and arms for the best results possible.

1. Towel Pull-Ups

Normal pull ups are great for tightening up and strengthening the upper body. Pull ups alone can be great for building up the lats and the arms as well. The towel pull up variation, however, targets not only your arms but also increases grip strength which is going to translate over to your lifts when you’re able to get into the gym. Greater grip strength means hauling greater weight and are one of the intangibles that should be mastered.

This is a challenging exercise in that it targets and requires strict grip strength but also really works those muscles. It may look easy, but at first attempt, you will feel like you need to put in more work. But it will come in time.

Perform this as you would a traditional pull-up but grab that towel and rely on your grip strength to take you all the way.

2. Dips

The dips are a bodyweight exercise that was promoted strongly by bodybuilding guru Vince Gironda back in the day. While he utilized the exercise primarily to build up his chest, dips can also help to build up the arms including the biceps, triceps, and shoulders. If you’re looking for an exercise for multiple purposes then dips are certainly right up your alley.

There are good variations to perform with dips and this will determine if you are targeting your chest or triceps. While your grip strength is important with dips, it is more a matter of stability and here is where your core will come into play big time. Really engaging the core and making sure you stay as stable as possible will go a long way and you will see those arms increase in size and produce more power.

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3. Diamond Push-Ups

Push ups can target multiple muscle groups including the back, core, chest, and triceps. But strength training is all about challenging yourself and if you’re looking to perform more difficult push ups then the diamond variation is a great option. The added stress of the position will mean challenging the muscles so more growth is possible.

These are great as a stand alone exercise to challenge both your chest and triceps, but what you will find with these are an effective end of workout punisher on those push days. Working your triceps and chest on the same day makes sense given the nature of the pushing movement. But in efforts to increase strength and power in your arms, working to explode up as you perform this exercise can go a long way.

Wrap Up

Using bodyweight exercises in your routine can be a game changer and allow you versatility in those workouts. With the right approach, you can better tackle anything that comes your way and knowing the right steps can better prepare you for what can come. Placing these exercises above into your routine is something to not take for granted for what they can do so look into boosting those bodyweight workouts today and give yourself the best chance at improving strength and power in your back and arms.

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