It Looks Like Bostin Loyd Is Hopped Up On Synthol Once Again

Looks like synthol is making a come back.

Bodybuilding can be the purest athletic endeavor out there. When you consider all the other sports that utilize the same lifting principals from bodybuilding you might even say it’s a practice that can be found in even the least likely sporting endeavor. When it comes to building the perfect physique it takes tremendous hard work and dedication to the craft. But there are many individuals that look at bodybuilding from a different angle. They look at it much the same way a person looking to get plastic surgery would: an endeavor of pure vanity with the sole goal as changing yourself physically no matter the method. This is where Bostin Loyd and the synthol argument comes into play.

Bostin Loyd is a man who has openly discussed his use of synthol and steroids in the past and has managed to build a pretty good physique because of his methods. Whether you call it cheating or not, you can’t deny that Bostin Loyd has cultivated an impressive physical frame. Nevertheless, synthol is still a controversial substance and from the looks of things, Bostin Loyd is jumping back onto the wagon.

What’s you thoughts on Bostin Loyd and his synthol use?

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