Brad Castleberry believes that drug testing will actually increase attendance and open up pro bodybuilding to the mainstream.

Ever since Arnold Schwarzenegger publicly asked for pro bodybuilding to drug test for steroids and other PEDs, there has been a debate in the bodybuilding industry as to whether or not this would be a good idea. Many bodybuilders and experts think it would decrease the popularity of the sport. But Brad Castleberry believes this to be false. He thinks that there are more people in the world that would come to see pro bodybuilding if it were natural. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Brad Castleberry details why he thinks pro bodybuilding shows are worse due to steroids and how drug testing can help increase its popularity.

Earlier in our interview with Brad Castleberry, he claimed that he was all natural. This was met with some controversy by fans online who believe his physique couldn’t be accomplished without the help of performance enhancing drugs. But Brad Castleberry doubles down on his statements in our newest segment from our interview. He states that all of pro bodybuilding should be natural – and that drug testing in the sport would help the industry as a whole and not hurt it.

Brad uses social media influencers such as himself as proof that the sport could go more mainstream, make more money, and bring more excitement to the sport by going all natural. Looking at his following and others like him, the numbers of people interested are far higher than the attendance to pro bodybuilding shows including even the Mr. Olympia weekend.

Brad Castleberry thinks that it’s misleading for people in the bodybuilding industry to state that fans want mass monster freak steroid users. Yes there is an interest in that – but the expanded audience the sport could receive from going natural is much bigger in his opinion.

Of course, there are other things to consider. There are actually already various natural bodybuilding leagues but they hardly bring in the attendance that the IFBB or NPC bring in throughout the year. Is this due to a lack of interest in natural physiques? Or simply a marketing problem? That’s a deeper question that can’t be answered quickly or easily. But it’s something to consider in contrast to Brad Castleberry’s comments.

You can watch the full GI Exclusive interview segment with Brad Castleberry above!

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