Brad Castleberry has been a viral sensation in the bodybuilding world for quite some time. Unfortunately, this is not always for positive reasons. He has been constantly criticized for lifting fake weights. He has also been accused of lying in his claims that he is all natural. But if you ask Castleberry, he finds all the negative attention a good thing. It just means he’s doing something right.


Brad Castleberry on the Natty Or Not Debate?

Brad Castleberry has been consistent in claiming that his shredded and muscular physique was attained without the use of steroids. Many fans in the industry severely doubt those claims. Castleberry has been accused of lying about his natural status. When we discussed this controversy with him, he was quick to defend himself.

He claims that his physique is one of a kind. He touts his many years of hard work is the real reason for his physique. Much like an extremely talented filmmaker or artist, Castleberry claims that his genetics and work ethic are unique. Not many people can dedicate to working out and dieting on a level like him, so people instantly doubt how it’s possible without drugs.

This might sound cocky, and in many ways it is, but Brad Castleberry also points out that many people who do use steroids also have trouble achieving his kind of physique. Whether you are using steroids or not, it is still extremely challenging to create a stunning physique.

Brad Castleberry ultimately isn’t offended by the claims that he is liar. This is largely because he knows that many “natural” bodybuilders are lying. A drop of poison that can contaminate the whole well.


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Brad Castleberry on Lifting Fake Weights

Right off the bat, Brad confidently states that he doesn’t care at all about the accusations. Quite the contrary, he is grateful for them. In his mind, the accusations simply prove that his strength is so shocking and unreal, that people can’t believe he’s actually doing it. But since he knows that the weights are real, he has nothing to fear. If anything, the accusations have brought more attention to him and made him stand out as a unique brand. At one point in our interview he literally thanks the haters for putting a “signature” on his brand for him.

Brad Castleberry then goes back to his believe that his talent and genetics are one of a kind. That the populous will always doubt extreme talent when it seems too good to be true. That’s the cynical nature of this world.

Brad Castleberry on Ego Lifting

Somewhat related to the fake weight claims, Brad Castleberry is known for performing viral ego lifts. This is why many think the weights are fake – because his lifts are so impressive if they are actually real.

But Castleberry claims that he no longer has interest in creating these viral lifts anymore. He states that he has matured past ego lifting. That the risk of injury is far to great just for some attention. He understands now why ego lifting could make some people so angry online. Because it’s a cocky attempt at attention – and can lead to serous injuries that would derail his career.

Wrapping Up

Brad Castleberry discusses a much wider series of topics than just what was reviewed here. You can watch the full uncut GI Exclusive interview above. You can also watch our ongoing series of GI Exclusive videos right here to get the latest in our conversations with the top names in bodybuilding, strongman, and strength sports.

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