Brad Castleberry describes an intense nude Korean spa experience that changed his entire worldview.

Brad Castleberry is certainly a man of extremes. Whatever he does, he does to full force. This is why his online lifts are so spectacular (whether you think they are real or not is a different story). So of course, Brad Castleberry’s experience at a Korean spa is certainly another case of “go big or go home.” In fact, according to him, it changed his life. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Brad Castleberry details the story of the nude Korean spa that changed his entire outlook on life.

Towards the tail end of our full interview with Brad Castleberry, he brought up an unprompted story about how one experience changed his life. Life altering experiences are rare – but for those who go through them it can be something they remember forever. That seems to be the case for Brad Castleberry. The experience in question? A nude Korean spa that made him face his most inner emotions and demons.

According to Brad, he used to be a very anxious and angry person. If something went wrong in his day, he would stay up all night stewing over the negative thoughts. He couldn’t sleep and he would act erratically. It was unhealthy to say the least – though he didn’t realize it at the time.

Then suddenly his friend invited him to a unique spa experience. A Korean spa that required you to strip down naked in a room full of strangers. Not only that, but you are then thrown into a series “stations” that douse you with extremely hot then extremely cold water. Your body goes into shock – and while that’s happening you are then asked a series of questions that delve into your very soul.

If this all sounds a bit dramatic, that’s because it is. And while from an outsider perspective it can seem a bit hokey, Brad Castleberry swears by the experience.

“Oh my god, my whole life has changed,” Brad Castleberry claims in our interview.

“Every person is saying what happened to Bradly he’s on. I stopped hanging out with one of my friends I was hanging out with every day. I stopped some of the things I was doing every single day. These habits. I stopped all these things like this (snaps fingers). I came alive. I came awake. I came a purpose. I came my meaning of life. Of why I’m here.”

You can watch Brad Castleberry explain in detail his entire nude Korean spa experience in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!


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