Generation Iron Bradley Martyn Picks Up Chicks


When it comes to hitting the weights in the gym – the ultimate goal is putting on muscle and sculpting a killer physique. Everyone who enters a gym wants to improve their body somehow – that’s just a fact. But for some there is an added bonus to hitting up the gym, getting sweaty, and pushing through a workout… and that’s to pick up chicks (or dudes). Call it skeezy, call it an unneeded distraction – call it whatever you want. For as long as there are gyms there will always be people who try to flirt.

Well you should all just pack it up and go home; because Bradley Martyn is about to put you all to shame. In a genius move, Martyn combined his strength and charm to not only impress every girl in the gym but also literally pick them up. You’ll see what we mean in this video clip below:

How to pick up chicks. (TAG A FRIEND) _____ @bradley_martyn (video only account) _____ Pickup my preworkout here: @bmfitnutrition

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A new bar has been set. So the next time you think it’s a good idea to try and impress someone else in the gym – make sure you bring a new A game.

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