Branch Warren Defeated Reigning Champion Dexter Jackson In 2009 Olympia, Lost To Jay Cutler: ‘I Would Of Rather Got Third’

Jay Cutler recently sat down with Branch Warren, who he defeated at the 2009 Olympia.

It is the age-old question, would you rather lose a close game in the championship or get blown out early? Answers will be different depending on who you ask but in the case of Branch Warrenhe would have rather come in third in the 2009 Olympia rather than runner-up to Jay Cutler.

On a recent episode of Cutler Cast, Warren decided to sit down with the man who defeated him at the Olympia in 2009. At this time, Cutler had already solidified himself as one of the best bodybuilders in the world and will be known as one of the best ever. He was crowned champion in 2006 and 2007 before Dexter Jackson dethroned him in 2008.

When Jackson was announced this, Warren was confident that he was going to win the show.

“I would of rather got third,” warren said.

You know, they called me, they called your name one, and I got second. It’s the worst though. Getting second place at Olympia is the worse. People saying, ‘oh that’s awesome’ and saying, ‘no that sucks. The second place in Mr. Olympia is the worst place in all of bodybuilding because you’re one small step from the grand prize but you didn’t make it.”

At the 2009 competition, Warren went through his emotions as the results were being announced.

“I remember they called Dexter in third place, and I’m like ‘oh shit I’m about to become Mr. Olympia. Then, I’m like I beat Mr. Olympia and I still haven’t won the show yet how does that happen.”

Branch Warren believes that he entered the 2009 Olympia at his absolute best. Jay Cutler agreed with this notion but also made the necessary improvements needed to get back on top.

During his reign, Cutler was a mass monster. This is when bodybuilding really started focusing on overall size, along with conditioning. This might have played a factor in the 2009 show.

“People say that because, first of all I was 242, and you were almost 260 at the show. Bigger is better in bodybuilding. You get two guys that are equal in conditioning, or close in conditioning, the bigger guy usually wins. That’s just the way it is.”

Branch Warren was an elite bodybuilder during his career and he was able to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Cutler and Jackson. The 2009 Olympia is one that will stick with him and also one that will be remembered by fans for the pure excitement of the top three competitors.

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