Jay Cutler Broke Down Former Bodybuilding Diets That Included 140 Egg Whites And Four Pounds Of Meat Daily

Jay Cutler recently discussed his crazy diet plans during his bodybuilding career.

Jay Cutler is a four-time Olympia champion and is known as one of the best of all-time. This means that he has put together many training programs and diet plans to build that championship physique. In a recent interview, Cutler shared some wisdom on what to make in the kitchen and also shared some of his craziest diet plans during his career.

Cutler joined The Michael Sartain Podcastwhere he was able to discuss all things bodybuilding. This is where Cutler revealed that it is all about the diet when preparing for a competition such as the Olympia.

For Cutler, this included a massive amount of eggs and even purchasing a cow to keep in his freezer.

“I bought a cow from the butcher. I was living in a place called Spencer, Massachusetts. I had a local butcher there so I’d actually buy all the meat and I would have two freezers. So, what I would do is I would buy the chicken and break it all down into two-pound bags and freeze it.”

“The food I was eating six to seven times a day. I was eating upwards of four pounds of meat a day. You know, it was just every two hours like clockwork.”

When following such an intense diet plan, it is not always easy to stay motivated. Jay Cutler received this motivation from watching some of the other greats during his time. He mentioned growing up watching the all-time greats such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney, and Dorian Yates

Once he was in his prime, Cutler battle with Ronnie Colemanwho won eight consecutive Olympia titles from 1998-2005. Cutler ended his reign by taking the crown in 2006.

This is when Cutler began perfecting his diets. In retirement, he admitted to not enjoying food as much but he still features plenty of eggs in his diet.

“I don’t want to have steak. I’m not a big steak eater at 44 now. I tend to eat some sushi but I’m limited even on that just because I know a lot of sushi rice has a ton of sugar. I might eat some plain fish or whatever else but there’s nothing else that excites me.

I still, I drink the egg whites. That’s the difference between back then until now. They didn’t have pasteurized egg whites. Now you can buy the cartons and you can drink them. It’s actually a very good source of protein instead of frying them up.”

Jay Cutler used to spend a large amount of time preparing his eggs because of the sheer amount that he would eat.

“I’m not going to lie, there was a lot of diets I ate 140 egg whites a day. So I was cracking eggs non-stop. I remember sitting cracking eggs for an hour in the morning and I would put everything in Tupperware containers. I would just dump out. I was eating thirty egg whites a meal then.”

This is the commitment that it takes bodybuilders to get to their highest level. Jay Cutler is a perfect example of discipline, talent, and motivation needed to become champion of the Olympia. To this day, he continues to share methods that he used to use during his time on stage.

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