GI Summer collection blog headerHot new items for those hot summer days.

Hello Generation Iron fans and fitness enthusiasts! There’s been a lot of change here at Generation Iron: A website, new blog, new content – but there is also one other very exciting new topic to talk about.

Generation Iron has released its brand new summer casual fitness apparel and workout gear!

There are a lot of new items to look through, so we decided to help you out by highlighting a few of the hot clothing items so far. Just think of this as a starters list while you peruse through the entire collection.


Generation Iron, Bodybuilding, Apparel, Clothing,GI Retro Iron Tank Top

First up are our old school tanks that bring some nostalgic flavor to the GI Athletics brand. Trends come and go in cycles they always say – and retro is the new cool. So why not look cool while powering through your next workout. The breathable fabric makes it not only great casual wear but perfect for the gym. Who says you can’t look good and have functional clothes too? Not us. Not you.

Generation Iron, Bodybuilding, Apparel, Clothing,GI Distressed Logo Tee

You know what else is cool? Things that look really old and worn. Ripped jeans, patched shirts, and faded pants. Old is all the rage. That’s why our Generation Iron distressed t-shirt looks like it’s been through the wash a few hundred times – yet still feels as comfortable as a brand new t-shirt. This is one of our most versatile items. With a powerful blend of materials, this shirt is up to any challenge and keeps you feeling cool and comfortable in every situation.

Generation Iron, Bodybuilding, Apparel, Clothing,GI Workout Sweatshirt

It’s summer and sweatshirts are just a little too warm – but you also want that snug security of a hood wrapped around your head. What do you do? That’s where we come in. The best of both worlds. This stylish sweatshirt is capable of performing at any level. So don’t back down from your workout challenges – this sweatshirt definitely won’t.


So there you have it, a few highlights from our new summer apparel collection. This is just a taste though – so make sure to head on over to our official store and take a look. What do you think of our new designs? We’d love to hear your thoughts in comments section below. And don’t forget to follow us on twitter: @GI_Athletics 

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