Brandon Curry and Dexter Jackson Look Monstrous as They Return to Training

Brandon Curry and Dexter Jackson are looking extra swole.

The quarantine has put a ton of things on hold. Many industries have been completely decimated by the global health crisis. But as things slowly open up we’re seeing people get back to normal.

Among the businesses reopening are gyms, an invaluable resource for pro athletes. In particular, bodybuilders are ready to return to the gym and get back to work. Two such pro bodybuilders are reigning Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry and former champ Dexter Jackson.

Looking to prepare for the Olympia, Brandon Curry and Dexter Jackson are both training hard. Brandon Curry looks absolutely swole as he gets a solid pump in his return to the gym.

Dexter Jackson is proving as always that age is just a number. He looks just as impressive as always as he hits the weights hard in his training comeback.

With the quarantine and global health crisis still rocking the world, it’s truly unclear if shows like the Olympia will definitely go on without a hitch. That said, these two veterans are pushing themselves hard and being sure to stay prepared.

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