Brandon Curry sat down with Valuetainment to talk about the impact performance-enhancing drugs have had on the sport.

Brandon Curry spoke out about steroid use in the bodybuilding and powerlifting world this week, but ended up taking something of a neutral stance. Curry, who recently won the 2019 Olympia, is one of the more controversial figures in the sport. Many consider his win slightly more illegitimate since Shawn Rhoden, last year’s winner, was knocked out, and several other key players were not competing. Curry has acknowledge that he was not in peak shape when he competed this year and Dorian Yates recently challenged his win, saying “The standard of the Olympia is [just] not what it used to be.”

Despite these challenges of his perception, Curry is still the reigning Mr. Olympia and has no problem sharing his mind about what’s going on in his sport. Curry acknowledged that steroids have become ubiquitous at the upper levels of the sport, but he warned amateurs against choosing that path if there wasn’t a Pro card already in their grasp:

“Until being a pro was actually in my reach, it wasn’t necessary for me,” Curry said. “Until you know the basics, the foundation of how to build muscle, how to burn fat, why are you going to overcomplicate this process which is already complicated and add another variable that changes the game dramatically?”

So, Curry came down on this topic neither yay or nay. He acknowledged that they were necessary for him and that there were risks, but cautioned against abusing them too early or getting them from unreliable sources.


    • He wont win anyways especially if Phil heath competes at the 2020 or shawn Rhoden is cleared and comes back next year..or if even roelly comes in injury free and peeled ..

    • Why punish the man for being truthful? We know they’re on gear, hell, look at them. The Mr. Olympia is in no way promoted as natural

    • How would admitting that effect his chances in any way, shape, or form? Did you think that was a secret? That everybody that actually follows the sport and/or participates in amateur or pro bodybuilding isn’t fully aware that this is what’s it takes? If you answered yes to either of these questions you obviously know nothing about what it takes to not only win the Olympia but just to make it to a national level amateur competition and probably shouldn’t comment about something you clearly know nothing about.

  1. There is not ONE single builder who isn’t on them. I mean if any person thinks anyone can get that big naturally, your just plain dumb. AND if anyone claims to be that big and NOT on them, their f*cking lying. It’s that simple.

  2. Everyone knows the reality but we wait for someone to admit it. Crazy bone definition and ton of lean Mass was not coming from eating healthy food and lifting weights or just taking food supplements. Why blame Mr. Curry even a child would know the truth of the sport- steroid use for almost 100 years now in bodybuilding.Leave the pro even normal gym goers and insta models are all about it.

  3. Anyone who has ever been around bodynuilding knows everyone at this level is on steroids or would be laughed off stage. Good for him to not deny it.

    You may be right though, want to project this dilusion that somehow any of these men are natural.

    Good for you Brandon

  4. Nah, it’s well known that IFBB allows steroids. It’s not exactly a secret, it’s just not widely mentioned either. I think he’ll be fine. Whether he wins another one or not is going to be determined on if he continues to improve himself and nails down his conditioning next year.


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