Abdullah Al Otaibi snaps back at Dorian Yates via social media.

Last week, Dorian Yates gave a pretty blunt critique of recent Mr. Olympia champion Brandon Curry – claiming that the standard of Mr. Olympia is not what it used to be. While Brandon Curry has remained quiet of the critique, it seems his coach wasn’t going to let those comments slide.

In a recent Instagram story, Brandon Curry’s coach Abdullah Al Otaibi posted a side by side picture of Brandon Curry and Dorian Yates and asked Dorian to look at the picture and “continue smoking that shit you’re smoking. Waiting for your response. Oh nevermind, you’re irrelevant.”

Those are pretty harsh words towards a bodybuilder who holds six Mr. Olympia titles himself and also has cemented himself in history as a legendary bodybuilder that ushered in a new era of mass monster physiques.

It should be stated that the Mr. Olympia competition is a representation of the best of the best. There will always be opinions as to which era is better and whether or not the quality of bodybuilding has shifted – but there’s no taking away that winning a Mr. Olympia is still an incredible feat and any bodybuilder that can add their name to the short list of champions is well deserving indeed for their hard work and sacrifice.

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