Brandon Curry is jumping back into hardcore training after some post-Olympia rest.

Brandon Curry has been a rising star over the past few years ever since he switched up his training by heading out to Kuwait. With each passing year he showed improvement, gained momentum, and became a fan favorite at every show. That journey came to its peak this past September when he won the Mr. Olympia competition – etching his name into the short list of bodybuilders who are best of the best and best in the world.

Of course, becoming Olympia champion also puts a target on your back and more eyes on your every move. While it’s still early before we see Brandon compete again – we have our first major training update from the champ after some much needed rest post-Olympia. With next year’s competition most likely bringing back some heavy hitters due to threaten Brandon’s champion status, it’s exciting to see this latest video update showcasing Brandon training like a beast already.

You can also check out the behind the scenes of Brandon’s training in Kuwait and how he balances it with his family life in our original digital series Offseason With The Currys to get a deeper look into the mind of the current Olympia champion.

Check out Brandon’s latest training video compiled here by Fazi Fitness above! If you like what you see, make sure to subscribe to Fazi Fitness’ official YouTube channel right here.

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