Brazilian Brothers Risk Health With Potenay B12 Synthol Injections

Risking it all for “gains”.

Two Brazilian brothers with biceps measuring more than 25 inches have revealed the secret to their “incredible size”: regular chemical injections.

Tony ‘Hulk’ Geraldo , 49, and Alvaro ‘Conan’ Pereira, 50, are two bodybuilders from Rio de Janeriro, Brazil. They claim there was a time when they were ‘addicted to getting big’ but now believe they have it under control. Their eye – catching physiques were achieved thanks to a product called Pontenay B-12, which Pereira says he has been injecting since age 15.

Geraldo began injecting at age 18. Both said they felt that they were too skinny. During treatment, the brothers inject the chemical in cycles – two times a week with five days in between.

Pereira told DailyMail, “Back then we were [addicted.] Today, no. I have it under control. People around me didn’t let me go on the wrong path and I did the same with my brother. He always wants to be bigger, but I always tell him that we need to be careful.”

Now, Geraldo’s biceps measure 28 his brothers are not far behind at 25-inches. The brothers also work out together for hours every day and adhere to a relatively strict diet. Both try to reach 4,000 to 6,000 calories a day of whole foods. Their favorite pre-workou meal is 12 bananas and six egg whites.

Pereira met his wife at the gym. he says she hand his seven children support him in his pursuit of size. Geraldo has been married for 27 years and says his wife is extremely opposed to his injections. Geraldo said he has told his wife she can deal with it or leave him:

“My wife doesn’t like it. However, I am happy with myself. She has to accept me like I am, or we will have to go on separate ways. I usually tell my wife that she’s the only one who doesn’t like me. Other women love my size, they love it.

“Once we were walking in front of my gym and I told her, ‘Look, if you don’t want me there are several other girls who does.’ Then, pointed to all the girls coming to talk to me.”

Whether or not that last bit is true or simply in his head, the idea that injecting synthol should be treated as some kind of achievement is simply a slap in the face to the bodybuilders who put countless hours of work in the gym. It appears this synthol is going to get worse before it gets better.

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  1. This is BULLSHIT, they’re NOT growing, the biceps and trapezius muscles haven’t increased in size, the volume of SYNTHOL®️ as. These lazy weak clowns shouldn’t be getting any publicity they are an example of what being MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY WEAK can lead to.

  2. Generation Iron

    I can only assume your Social Media page exists for one of two reasons:
    1. A third party is paid to post content that knows nothing about the sport, so in a sad l, juvenile effort to create controversy, they post irritating and irrelevant shit to bait extra comments and page views.
    2. Your Social Media Manager secretly hates bodybuilding and is writing a Doctoral-Level paper on its dirty little secrets, so naturally content with the above putrid trash, or comments from Bostin Lloyd or Greg Valentino are of course posted….


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