Brittany Campbell Readies For Third Olympia Trip

Brittany Campbell is on active duty in the Army and also heading to her third Mr. Olympia.

While Brittany Campbell was on active duty in the Army at Fort Hood, she was approached in the gym and asked if she competed.

“It was suggested that I try it,” she told KDHNews. “I was introduced to Terrance Williams, who was my coach.”

Six weeks after her first workout with Terrance, Brittany won her first local show. She repeated the result at two more shows in quick succession.

Campbell turned Pro soon after and has fallen in love with the competition. “When I first step on the stage, that’s always the best part, because that’s when you get to show what you’ve worked so hard for.”

Although she obviously has incredible talent, the Campbell’s journey has not been without it’s failures. She has competed at the Olympia twice and the first result in particular almost derailed her career: “My first Olympia trip, I got dead last,” she said. “When you’re fighting to get there, and then you get there and you come up short, that was a low if I had to say.”

Campbell recalled that only the belief of her coach kept her going after the defeat:
“If it was just me, I would have thrown in the towel right then, but I had a coach who still believed in me and thought I could win the whole thing even though I came off the stage in last place,”

Campbell also says that even though bodybuilding is an individual sport, it’s a team effort. She credits many different people in her life with helping her reach success on the stage:

“It really is a bigger team than people think. They see you by yourself, but there’s a lot of people who contribute to get you there. That’s the truth.”
She credits her coach, training partners, sponsors, and mother with helping her pursue her passion.

She says the support is instrumental in pushing through her self-perceived limits,

“You’re not always going to feel like running, feel like lifting weights, but if you only rely on the days you feel like doing it, you won’t make any progress. So you have to be willing to work on the days you don’t feel like it. It’s worth it.”