BSN SYNTHA-6 Cold Stone Creamery Whey Protein Complete Review

Get Immersed with Extended Benefits of BSN SYNTHA – 6 Cold Stone Creamery Protein

Do you know the vitality of Protein powder as a nutritional supplement? Why has it emerged so crucial in the recent past? What are the concrete reasons, and what are the benefits? The lifestyle that has been developing off late is a cause for caution…!! We are busy with plenty of commitments professionally and personally. We are taking very little time to spend on ourselves. And, so the quality of exercise and the strength associated with the performance is lost. This brings the necessity of Dietary Supplements(1).

Let’s first read-through BSN SYNTHA – 6 Cold Stone Creamery Protein and discuss further to understand the details better. This product stands out amongst the rest due to its unique and tasty flavor. People prefer this product because it is rich in nutrients and tastes delicious at the same time…!! We can have it at any preferred time. It does not bring any side effects.

Why do we require Protein Supplements?

Good health is a combination of a balanced diet and routine exercise. Nutrients have to be a part of our diet at any cost, and don’t forget; Protein is just one of the primary nutrients in this regard. It helps in building active muscles, facilitates quick repair, and contributes to the essential hormones. It is a healthy supplement for athletes and ordinary people who are health conscious. It is a nutrient that is important for people belonging to older age groups as well.

BSN SYNTHA – 6 Cold Stone Creamery Protein 

Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition, Inc (BSN) is known for its innovation in nutritious products for bringing up the dynamism in athletes. It can help them extend their performance to unexpected levels. The users have witnessed a substantial increase in their potential after consuming their products. Well, the products do not assure curing any particular disease; however, it boosts and supplements your action healthily. It does not bring any side effects and is a secure product for long term usage.

The unique, tasty formula brings a relinquishing flavor that lasts longer and makes you feel comfortable. It is just like any other milkshake you have; well, it is added with a creamy texture…!! A lot of people like this product because of its distinct combination. The real classic ice cream taste, along with cookie bits enriched with premium protein complex, is just outstanding in nutrition and zest. Though it is rich with the ice cream flavor, it contains only 3g of sugar in a serving.


  • It is a delicious product that makes consumption easy; ice cream flavor is the highlight
  • It can be consumed at any time; day or night
  • Preparation is simple and absorbs less liquid to get the ideal mix; dissolves easily with no lump formation


  • Too many ingredients present can cause stomach issues in sensitive people

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Ingredients and Nutritional Information

This product, BSN SYNTHA – 6 Cold Stone Creamery, is formulated with a 22g Protein Matrix. Each container has 44 servings. 1 Scoop, which is 47g, constitutes a single serving with 200 calories. It has 22g Protein, 6g fat of which 2g is saturated, 75 mg cholesterol, 170mg sodium, and 15g carbohydrates. It also contains Calcium 170mg, Iron 0.5mg, Potassium 240 mg, Phosphorus 140mg and Magnesium 20mg. Now, you shall certainly agree that it is a complete meal…!! Let us get into the protein facts a little detail.

The Protein Matrix consists of Whey Protein in two different forms, Calcium Caseinate, Micellar Casein, Milk Protein, and Egg Albumen. Additionally, it contains Sunflower Creamer rich in mono and diglycerides, tricalcium, soy lecithin, phosphate, and others. It also contains Cookie Crumbs, Flour that as Wheat Flour, Thiamine, Folic Acid, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Fructose, Dextrose, and Vegetable Oil. It minimally contains natural and artificial flavors. To conclude, this product is rich in egg, milk, soy, and wheat…!!


As discussed, a nutritional supplement of this kind should provide the necessary nutrients in the right proportion, boost energy, and give a delicious flavor to consume it with interest. Before purchasing the product, we must know the facts as described above. This will help us in understanding the benefits associated with the nutrients concerning our bodily functions. So, here we go to more valuable information.

  •    Flavors

It comes in three different flavors.

  1. The protein-filled product features mint ice cream with choco chips and real cookie bits in the brownie and fudge texture. It gets you back to your childhood days.
  2. There is also this ice cream cake mix type that is again packed with protein nutrients. It has the natural ice cream brownie taste that has rainbow sprinkles above.
  3. We also have the German Chocolate taste rich in caramel, pecan, and coconut brownie with protein content as well.
  •    Importance of the ingredients present:
  1. Whey Protein– This is a primary ingredient present mainly in two different forms; concentrate and isolate. What does Whey Protein mean? The residue left after the processing of cheese from milk is called As Whey Protein(2). It increases the production of new protein in the muscles. There are several ways to consume whey protein in supplements; concentrate and isolate are the most common. The processing methods and nutritional content vary to a great extent…!!

As a by-product, whey protein goes for processing to increase the protein in it. After an absolute consistency is observed, the concentrate is taken separately. It has 80% of proteins and rest are  fats and carbohydrates. On further processing, the fats and carbs are also reduced to form proteins. This makes the whey protein isolate. To be more precise, on a 100-calorie serving, isolate contains 23g protein, 1g carb, no fat, and not more than 1g lactose. The concentrate contains 18g Protein, 3.5g carbs, 1.5g fat, and close to 3.5g lactose. However, both forms have the same benefits. It helps in weight loss, lowering blood pressure, and cholesterol and also supports people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. The product ensures we stay energetic all the time and increase the metabolism levels for the right amount of endurance.

  1. Egg Albumin– Rich in protein, less in calories and cholesterol-free
  2. Calcium Caseinate– Rich in proteins, minerals, and essential amino acids like glutamine. It is slow digesting, but a rich source of protein.
  3. Micellar Casein– It is another rich source of protein ingredient that is slow digesting. However, it has a good quality dietary protein that enhances muscle growth and supports quick recovery to muscle injuries.

Is it safe to consume this product?

Protein supplements are certified by International Organizations, (3) for their usage regularly. Hence, it is always a safe product to consume. The essential problem arises when you do not prepare it well and also consume it in the wrong dosage levels. We have explained both in the forthcoming sections for your reference. We must ensure we follow this to stay stronger and safe.

When and how to consume?

You have the convenience of consuming this product at different times in a day. For example, you can eat it post-workout or as a snack between meals. You can drink it day time or even at night. It can be a part of any diet plan that suits your lifestyle mentally and physically.

Add one scoop of this powder with water or milk, mix it well and consume it directly once in a day.

My Opinion

I have always been using this product for the delicious taste that it offers. I hesitate to consume products that taste bitter or sour. But this one product tastes well and does not contain too much sugar at the same time. It has essential nutrients and cost-effective at the same time…!! I suggest people who are sensitive to taste can go further purchasing this with no doubt…!!

How much does it cost?

This product costs $45.89, which is $0.63 per ounce, which is relatively a good deal. It makes sense because it has 44 servings in it, and you can use it for more than one month easily. As the product is loaded with benefits, we can be sure of the fact that it is worth the money spent…!! 

My Overall Rating of BSN SYNTHA – 6 Cold Stone Creamery Protein

  • Effectiveness – 9/10 Stars
  • Ingredients – 8.5/10 Stars
  • Taste – 9.5/10 Stars
  • Price – 9/10 Stars

Final Thoughts

BSN SYNTHA – 6 Cold Stone Creamery Protein is a perfect protein supplement with all the essential properties. Predominantly, we choose products that are rich in nutritional content, provide consistent mental and physical support, endure energy for a long time, work out, and, most importantly, taste delicious. Most of the products fail in the taste aspects. This product gives the most delightful taste with all the properties as required. Hence, I always say this is an ideal product for regular users! Go with protein supplements like this and get healthier, stronger, and happier!




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