Calum Von Moger holds nothing back during intense back training in Brazil.

Calum Von Moger shocked the entire bodybuilding world last year with two extremely threatening injuries that many believed would end his bodybuilding career. But with extreme perseverance and hard work, Calum not only recovered but came back with the force of a hurricane – now showcasing what just might be the best physique of his entire life.

While Calum has yet to compete again on the bodybuilding stage – he’s gearing up for a non-stop comeback explosion and this latest training video showcases just how far he is pushing his body to leave a real mark on the bodybuilding world.

Calum Von Moger recently met up with Generation Iron Brazil to put himself through the gauntlet – powering through an intense back workout followed up by some killer arm training sets. And best of all Calum explains the training routine every step of the way – so for those brave enough to follow along they can attempt to match the unstoppable force that is Calum Von Moger.

It’s the ultimate bodybuilding motivation just in time to kick start your new year after what might have been a holiday season full of cheat meals. You can check out the video above and make sure to stick around Generation Iron as we continue to share updates for Calum’s inevitable return to the stage.

You can also watch the full chronicles of Calum’s injury, recovery, and comeback in our feature documentary – Calum Von Moger: Unbroken – available on all major digital platforms right now!

Calum Von Moger Unbroken Accolades Generation Iron

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