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Meet the man that can revolutionize bodybuilding.

Calum von Moger. It’s a name that many bodybuilding fans have come to know. The man who has been dubbed as the “Second Coming” and “Arnold 2.0” has been making waves in the bodybuilding world. The Cellucor athlete is a true standout in the fitness world not simply for his talent, but for his principles as well. Calum isn’t your typical bodybuilder who merely seeks out size and bulk. Rather, he is a bodybuilder with a classic physique that remind you of the bodybuilding champions of old, particularly the Greatest of All Time – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Much like his Austrian counterpart, Calum started from humble beginnings, in a small town in Victoria, Australia, spending his childhood on a small hobby farm with his family. When his family eventually moved to a larger coast town, Calum along with his brother began training much in the same way as classic bodybuilders like Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, and Sergio Oliva. Training within a warehouse with crude iron dumbbells harkens back to the old days when Gold’s Gym consisted of man made weights for training. When the guys would lift weights and spend the rest of the day laying on the beach and picking up girls.

Generation Iron Arnold 2.0

But the method of Calum’s training isn’t the only comparison that can be made to bodybuilders of the golden era. His physique, large broad shoulders, slim and tapered waist, and a shredded form, is a call back to the time where bodybuilders focused more on the V Taper shape than any other era in bodybuilding’s history. Just two months ago at the Arnold Classic in Ohio, Arnold called out the IFBB judges for what he feels is judging incorrectly. Arnold voiced his opinion loudly saying that even though Dexter Jackson looked great, Cedric McMillan had a better body because it was more pleasing on the eyes. Calum agrees, trying to become the new breed of bodybuilder

“I’m not interested in any of today’s bodybuilders. That doesn’t appeal to me at all. It’s not what I want to look like. It’s not what I want to be. It’s too much. What I like are the old classic physiques. That’s my favorite. Quality over quantity. Bodies made in the 60’s and 70’s. Aesthetic, with perfect symmetry and proportion. My ultimate goal, would be to build a body like that one day. But then again, probably just a little bit better…”


Last years WFF Universe competition saw the Australian native win both the titles in the Extremebody class and the overall, a feat which highlights the appeal of the bodybuilder’s physique. But what exactly makes von Moger different than many of his contemporaries? Besides his old school approach to training, there’s something that Calum brings to the table unlike other bodybuilding pros. Calum has functional strength and fitness, abilities that translate well into other athletic endeavors. Whether it be rugby or surfing, von Moger has not only the massively muscled and shredded physique, but the kind of functional fitness that any athlete would be envious of.

Generation Iron Calum Von Moger

Arnold Schwarzenegger comparisons aside, the young man from Victoria has an appeal all his own. He’s a bodybuilder with a classic physique and an old school mentality and etiquette for training. That’s hard to do in a time where bodybuilding physiques focus more on mass and size rather than the shredded and tapered body types of the past. Calum is a man who has a belief system that he adheres to and won’t be deterred. He has a strong mind and a strong will and really, that’s exactly what’s going to make him an interesting personality to watch in the coming years. It’s the kind of mentality that brought Arnold his greatness and we have no doubt that the same success is in the cards for the Australian.

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