Calum von Moger Discusses Disastrous 2018 and his Goals for 2019

2018 was no cakewalk for Calum von Moger.

It’s safe to say that Calm von Moger didn’t have the greatest 2018. In fact, the latter half of 2017 wasn’t exactly great for the standout bodybuilder either, but with tragic circumstances often comes a level of growth and wisdom.

The injuries that Calum von Moger suffered could have completely derailed his career, but like the true professional that he is, the Aussie bodybuilder is looking to turn his hardships into life lessons. With 2019 in full effect, Calum von Moger is taking the lessons he learned in 2018 and pushing forward with his head held high!


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I wanna leave 2018 behind with some fresh thoughts for you to hear, honestly I usually keep this stuff to myself because no one needs to really know. But I decided to shine some light on what’s been going on this year.. My intentions are that maybe some of you can relate in your own way and give you encouragement to continue your own journeys and not give up in them in the new year. I been through a lot of shit this year..I tore my quadriceps and biceps in the same incident taking away my ability to do what I love most: bodybuilding. Since then it has been a constant battle in my head with myself and what to do with my time. I don’t read self help books because i don’t believe in using someone else’s experience to solve my problems. I prefer figuring out life and solving life’s challenges my own way. That’s how I like to grow and learn. I tried listening to audio books but I don’t have the attention span there either. I got to a point where I was distracting myself from my problems for a while with drinking & smoking most every day.. but that wasn’t a solution it was just helping the time pass in a unhealthy way. I started hating the person that I was becoming. I saw the bridge between health & fitness and myself becoming further apart and that put me in a worse headspace. I started wondering if I would ever be able to run or home or swim or bodybuilding like I used too, my situation was looking grim. everyday I was losing muscle mass that I had worked so hard for years to gain. I stop talking to a lot of people. I lost interest in social media. I found out which friends really actually cared from the bottom of their hearts; The ones who were stubborn enough to keep checking in on me when I ignored them because of this depressing state of mind I was in. I had to cut out some shitty toxic friends too. However having all this happen to me it did something for me I never expected. It gave me an awakening—Thanks to the Downtime and reflecting, I came to realize there’s more important things in life then trying to win a bodybuilding trophy or having a massive set of biceps and some juicy pecs… (continue reading post in comment section below)

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