Calum Von Moger Launches GoFundMe To Help With Australia Bushfire Relief

Calum Von Moger launches campaign to raise money for Australia bushfire relief.

The Australia bushfires still rage on after a long stretch of devastation brings unrest to the country. Calum Von Moger, an Austrailan native, has now decided to help raise awareness and funds to help support Australia during this time by starting a GoFundMe campaign.

Calum Von Moger Australia

With a goal set at $700,000, all proceeds donated will be raised for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy Fund. Calum has over 3 million followers on his Instagram account alone – and hopes to use his exposure to spread the message that Australia truly needs help. Any donation, however small, will have a big impact at helping not only the firefighters risking their lives fighting the flames – but the citizens and the animals that are losing their homes and lives.

The Associated Press reported on Saturday, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the death toll from the fires had risen to 23. He has called approximately 3,000 reservists to help battle the fires. So far 12.35 million acres of land have been claimed by the fires and burned over 1,500 homes. It’s been reported that over half a billion animals have been lost.

While Calum Von Moger now lives in California, he was born and raised in Australia and spent most of his life there until bodybuilding brought him to the United States. He has a deep connection to his history, family, and friends out in Australia – but has also cared very deeply about wildlife and nature, which is why he is calling out to everyone across the world who follows him to help however they can.

This isn’t the first time that wildfires have had an impact on Calum. Just over two years ago, Calum’s home was nearly destroyed by California wildfires that have grown increasingly more dangerous in recent years. Luckily, his home was spared with the flames only reaching up to his yard. You can see the impact this had on Calum Von Moger in our documentary film, Generation Iron 2.

If you would like to help support Australia during this time of need, you can head over to Calum Von Moger’s GoFundMe campaign and donate.

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