Calum Von Moger recounts the bicep tear that changed everything.

Watch this first ever exclusive clip from our upcoming documentary Calum Von Moger: Unbroken. The film chronicles the bicep tear and later knee injury that nearly took him out of bodybuilder permanently… and how he overcame every obstacle to get back on top in a way that doctors thought was impossible.

In this clip, Calum looks back and recounts in painstaking detail the original bicep tear that sent his bodybuilding career spiraling. Many have seen the video of the moment his bicep tore – but for the first time ever Calum details his mindset and the immediate aftermath that came in the wake of such a serious injury. In just a simple few seconds – Calum’s physique and future in bodybuilding all suddenly changed. Check it out in this exclusive clip from the film above!

Calum Von Moger: Unbroken will be available worldwide on May 10. You can pre-order it today by clicking here or the banner below:

Calum Von Moger Unbroken Pre-Order Generation Iron


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