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An Opinion on Modern Bodybuilding

If you’re a fan chances are you’ve been aware of the recent ongoing discussions in the Bodybuilding realm regarding the “drastic” turn that the competitive sport has taken. A lot of Bodybuilding fans support the way the sport has “progressed” while others simply hate what it’s become. Modern Bodybuilding always gets compared to “The Golden Era” from back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, the physiques of the likes of Schwarzenegger, Oliva, Zane, Corney,  Mentzer, Nubret,  Paris, Pearl, Scott and many others have set standards than can’t be easily reached, some would agree that these physiques can only be described as art.

Comparing today’s Bodybuilding to the Golden Era is impossible, the physiques were totally different and so was the fan base, we are sadly spoiled, Bodybuilding in general will probably take a while before it appeals to the general part of society and that’s why the new Men’s Physique Category is becoming highly popular, because the mainstream part of society can and will relate to it, and why wouldn’t they?

Every day more people aspire to live a healthy lifestyle while looking good at the same time, a few decades ago Bodybuilding seemed to be the only tool to reach these goals, nowadays Bodybuilding in general  is often described as “unhealthy” and that’s why the smaller and more “aesthetic” physiques have made their way into the popular circle, we can’t deny that the modern sport of Bodybuilding has generated a series of concerns for longtime fans, so, what is exactly going on with modern Bodybuilding?


Why was the Golden Era so special?

The Golden era of Bodybuilding is considered by many as the pinnacle of the sport, it’s where the Bodybuilding movement started and that is why it holds a very special place for longtime Bodybuilding fans. “The Golden Era of Bodybuilding” was special because it stood for something new, something different and something raw. Bodybuilding was more than just a sport, it was an art form and a lifestyle, it was a simple hobby that Bodybuilding legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu enjoyed doing for self improvement and isn’t that what we all want?

The art of Bodybuilding allows us to look and feel good, The Golden Era of Bodybuilding created a movement that stands for a lot more than just Pumping Iron, Bodybuilding is about living a healthy lifestyle, having an amazing physique and just having fun while doing it, today, Bodybuilding has a negative image that’s imprinted in the general part of society, an image that takes away from the sport that the greats built only a few decades ago.

Can modern bodybuilding ever stack up to the “Golden Era?” Go into what makes bodybuilding today so bittersweet on page 2!



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