Can Being An Ego Lifter Take You To The Next Level?

Could your ego actually improve your gains?

Bodybuilding can be an extremely exciting endeavor particularly when you’re seeing some massive progress. But even then, once you’ve obtained your ideal physique, things can become somewhat tedious as far as training goes. In all honesty bodybuilding trading on a whole can be pretty damn boring. Not that things become any easier, but the challenge begins to become easier and routine which can lead some to boredom. Some look at bodybuilding as solely a means of perfecting the body. Others look at the endeavor as a pure challenge that must continuously be topped.

Enter the ego lifter.

While many may curse the ego lifter as being a fool constantly seeking some excitement, the reality is that the ego lifter is simply trying to keep things from becoming stagnant. Some of the things they attempt may be damn foolish in truth, but not every lifting experiment is created equal. Some people like to put so much weight on a barbell, weight they know they can’t possibly lift, and give it a go anyhow. That isn’t particularly the smartest move by any means and can caused injuries that could have been avoided.

Then there are those who attempt lifts that are indeed heavier, but within their capabilities to heft. But there’s no way to get to that level if you aren’t challenging yourself and the ego lifter understands this well. Pushing yourself is a key ingredient for continued muscle growth. At a point in your bodybuilding journey you’ll have no choice but to up the weight your lifting if you want to grow more muscle. It’s something that Rob Heinamaki understands well.

An online fitness coach, Rob Heinamaki has become renowned for his knowledge about bodybuilding as well as his incredible strength. Check out the Instagram post below of Heinamaki lifting 210 lbs dumbbells like they are nothing but toys.

Do you think ego lifting can be a good thing?

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