Why The Tire Flip Should Be In Your Training Program For The Ultimate Conditioning

Not for the faint of heart

Cardio, a dreaded word for many a’ bodybuilder. While the rest of the gym would rather be biking, on the treadmill, or rowing, we’d  rather be lifting some heavy ass weights. The meat and potatoes baby, that’s for me. Well lament no more; there’s a way to develop your cardiovascular system while still giving you that muscle tingling action you crave, it’s called the tire flip, and its been waiting for you your whole life.

What’s great about the tire flip, is that it not only gets you more shredded than the statue of David but it also builds fast twitch muscles which is great for competition.

When you train with tires you want to do this in intervals. High intensity should be done in rounds with time periods of rest interspersed between high-intensity activity. While measuring your heart rate is a great way to keep track of how the exercise is effecting your body, you also want to keep into account your age and general health.

Now that you have the basics, without further ado we present to you 3 exercises that look way cooler than anything you can do on a treadmill.

Sledge Hammer Smash

The sledgehammer smash is a fun exercise. Not only do you get to act beastly but sculpt a beastly form in the process.  You can do a straight up and down movement, like displayed in the video above, or you can swing it overhead each time for a more powerful and home run hitting strength. Start at 30 seconds with 10 seconds rest, then increase in 15 second intervals.

The Flip

While it may not seem like rocket science this exercise is more involved than you think. We’ve attached some tips with the correct way to do this exercise without sustaining an injury. While you don’t have to do 950lbs like Mr. Poundstone here, you definitely want to challenge yourself on this one.

  1. Begin by gripping the bottom of the tire on the tread, and position your feet back a bit. Your chest should be driving into the tire.
  2. To lift the tire, extend through the hips, knees, and ankles, driving into the tire and up.
  3. As the tire reaches a 45 degree angle, step forward and drive a knee into the tire. As you do so adjust your grip to the upper portion of the tire and push it forward as hard as possible to complete the turn. Repeat as necessary.


The third exercise comes from you. We want you to use the tire for your next cardio workout and discover an exercise that works for you. Creativity is LYFE, and we encourage you to flex that muscle religiously.

Try the above exercise and hit us up in the comment section with a cool circuit you’ve discovered or your mysterious 3rd exercise.

Have you ever done the tire flip?

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