Cedric McMillan Details Stomach Issues Will Keep Him Out Of Arnold Classic

Cedric McMillan recently explained why he pulled out of the 2022 Arnold Classic.

News broke on Monday that Cedric McMillan was the latest to pull his name out of the 2022 Arnold Classic. There was not a reason released but the bodybuilder recently took the time to reveal that stomach issues will keep him off stage.

Milos Sarcev mentioned that McMillan would not appear on stage in Columbus. On Monday, McMillan decided to share a video on Instagram to give an update on his condition.

“Ever since I tried to compete at the Legion show in Nevada back in October. I’ve been having issues with my stomach. I can’t keep food down for some reason. It creates some stupid ass hiccups, I’m hiccupping all day long and for half the night and anytime I eat, or even drinking water. It comes back up, nothing wants to stay down.”

Cedric McMillan has dealt with some issues that has made his path difficult over the last two years. In 2020, McMillan suffered a broken collarbone and broken hand that forced him to miss the Olympia that year. This will be the second year in a row he will miss the Arnold Classic. In September, McMillan withdrew his name before appearing on the broadcast. He revealed that he contracted COVID-19 and this affected his heart.

McMillan continues to explain in his video that he felt the need to explain his situation because of other news being thrown out there. This has caused some messages from people close to him.

“I have been having some issues, for 4-weeks now. I got a couple of phone calls, and text messages from friends saying that they seen on the internet that something was wrong with me. So, of course, if it’s already on the internet, motherfuckers don’t know everything. They talking about what they think they know, what they heard. So I may as well, go on and explain this shit myself.

“Four weeks ago, I went to the doctor again, I’ve been going to the doctor throughout, but they recommended I shouldn’t try to do the show. Of course, I’m being stubborn. If I eat this food, and throw up half of it, at least that’s half. I can keep, you know just being an idiot. I did what they asked and went on a liquid diet. Eating fuckin soup and eating weight gaining shakes.”

Cedric McMillan will be present in Columbus during the Arnold Classic but will not compete. He will be part of the meet and greet for fans. This allows him to still interact with fans even though they will not be able to watch him compete. It will be interesting to see when the bodybuilder is able to make his return to the stage.


Greg Patuto
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