Cedric McMillan’s Military Unit Was Activated To Help In Hurricane Florence During Olympia 2018

Cedric McMillan at the Olympia 2018 Press Conference: “I live in the real world”

During the press conference for the Olympia 2018, Cedric McMillan took the time to talk about his personal and internal struggles going onto the Olympia stage this year. More specifically, he mentioned that while he was in Vegas, his military unit was activated to help with Hurricane Florence support. Unable to help due to being all the way across the country, Cedric McMillan is now stuck worrying about not only his duty but also his friends and family left behind during what might be one of the biggest hurricanes to hit the area in many decades.

The Mr. Olympia competition is one of the biggest and therefore most stressful moments for any bodybuilding competitor. So it must come as an extra struggle to deal with the inner turmoil of real lives being effected by this massive hurricane. We all have real life struggles outside of our passions or endeavors… and Cedric McMillan brings that to light claiming simply, “I live in the real world.”

As do we all – but sometimes it’s easy to forget when looking at the super stars of bodybuilding. We all wish the best of luck for anyone within Hurricane Florence’s path – and we’ll see how Cedric McMillan does on the stage with all of this on his mind.


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