Is the White House bodybuilding chef Andre Rush all natural or not?

The super jacked White House chef Andre Rush became a viral sensation when images and video of him hit the web. A chef preparing food in the White House who looks like a competitive bodybuilder is rare – there’s no doubt about that. Chef Rush used that platform to promote positive change in the United States and the world by doing 2,222 push ups every single day. But with the fame comes criticism and, as usual with the internet, people in forums and comment boards are debating whether or not Chef Rush is natural or if he uses steroids. In our latest GI Exclusive interview with Chef Rush, we ask how he deals with the criticism and let him set the record straight once and for all. Is he natty or not?

There is a strong believe that if someone’s physique looks super human, then it must be impossible to achieve naturally. Anyone who has massive muscle on a level of Men’s Open bodybuilding must use some sort of performance enhancing drug to reach such gigantic size.

While that can certainly be true in many cases, it’s not always the rule. At least, if you believe the handful of massive bodybuilders who claim they are all natural no matter how much the public disbelieves them. Bodybuilders like Mike O’Hearn have been fighting against such criticism for almost his entire career.

Chef Rush is also a man who now faces such criticism. Many plainly state as a fact that he must use steroids to achieve his size. Others simply debate back and forth questioning if it’s possible for him to be so massive without steroids or other PEDs. While Chef Rush has gone on the record claiming to be natural in the past – we wanted to let him set the record straight and also detail how he handles such daily criticism on the internet.

Watch Chef Rush talk about natural vs enhanced in our latest GI Exclusive interview clip above!



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