Chef Rush shares his thoughts on the quality of pro bodybuilding physiques in the modern era.

Chef Andre Rush isn’t a competitive bodybuilder, but he’s a huge lover of the sport. He watches the competitions and he is obsessed with building a massive physique for himself. That’s how he ended up getting noticed as the most muscular White House chef and subsequently going viral. In our latest GI Exclusive, Chef Rush weighs in on the current quality of pro bodybuilding physiques. Is the sport progressing or regressing?

Chef Rush loves being big and focuses on making sure his physique is on point to massive size. But he’s not a competitive bodybuilder. He’s someone who is passionate about sculpting his physique but in no way adheres to what the pro bodybuilding world expects. So when Chef Rush critiques the quality of pro bodybuilder physiques – he comes from a sort of outsider and insider perspective. He’s a lover of the sport but also someone who’s goals don’t align with what judges look for on the stage.

This is why we decided to ask him the question that’s on everyone’s minds lately – is the sport of bodybuilding progressing or regressing? Chad Nicholls recently stated in an interview with King Kamali that the physiques are worse – but hopes that 2020 is the beginning of a new Golden Era. While Chef Rush doesn’t look too far into the future – he does agree with Chad that the physiques aren’t as good a they used to be. Rush’s reasoning is that bodybuilders are all rushing to get massive instead of focusing on aesthetics first.

Perhaps it was Ronnie Coleman’s inhuman mass monster physique that set a precedent that no one can match up to – causing a spiral of bodybuilders trying to top him but ultimately failing with soft or spongey physiques. Perhaps it’s the evolution of drug use within the sport. All Chef Rush knows is that the obsession with being big isn’t always best for competitive bodybuilding. He should know. He’s obsessed with being big and that’s why he doesn’t focus on competing. The massive look that makes him happy lacks in other places to make him a good competitor.

Check out Chef Rush’s full response in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!



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