Bodybuilding Motivation: It’s time to get back in the gym for chest day.

Chest day is a fan favorite of gym rats all over the world. In the bodybuilding arena, it’s arguably the most important component to any powerful physique. Chest day can be exhausting but it’s definitely one of the most rewarding. That’s why we’re starting your week off right with this epic chest day bodybuilding motivation video.

Strength Wars Movie

We all know the feeling of not being motivated to go to the gym, which is why Raiden Motivation made this awesome bodybuilding motivation video to get you pumped about chest day. One look at the incredible physiques these men have built is sure to remind you why hard work and self-discipline are so important. If you’re thinking about skipping the gym today, ask yourself this: do you think any of these guys got where they are by skipping a day whenever they felt tired or unmotivated? Do you think a rippling physique can be achieved with minimal effort? Are you worth making that effort?

Putting the work in to make your dreams a reality is never easy, but it’s worth it if you think your goals are important. It’s easy to focus on the responsibilities we have to others, at work, at home, towards our friends and family, etc. Going to the gym is about you. It’s about you making time for yourself and what you want for your life. It’s about making time and space for yourself that won’t always do that for you. Don’t let life beat you down and turn you into someone who doesn’t have time for what really matters to them. Be you. And go to the gym.

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