Chris Bumstead And Brett Wilkin Put Together Back Workout To Build Size And Width

Chris Bumstead joined Brett Wilkin in the gym to put together a massive back workout.

Chris Bumstead is at the top of Classic Physique and has been for years. The reigning three-time Olympia champion has been putting in massive work in the gym looking for his fourth consecutive title in December. Recently, he joined Brett Wilkin down in Florida for a back workout that will build incredible size.

Wilkin is one of the up-and-coming talents in bodybuilding. He is coming off an Arnold Classic performance that saw him place sixth. He began as a 212 competitor but was able to put on the necessary size to make the switch to Men’s Open. As for Bumstead, he is back in the gym and looking as strong as ever.

Chris Bumstead spent some time out of the gym early in the year because of complications with COVID-19. Now, he is back to training for the Olympia and looking like the champion that he has been for years now. Down in Stuart, FL, Bumstead and Wilkin were led by coach Matt Jansen at the Revive Gym.

Back Workout

Chris Bumstead and Brett Wilkin took on the same workout but hit the exercises for different amounts of sets and reps. This depends on what the lifter was trying to accomplish with this particular workout.

  • Lat Pulldown – Bumstead 2 sets of 10, Wilkin 7 reps
  • Iso Row Machine – Bumstead 3 sets, 10, 7, and 3 reps, Wilkin 2 sets, 10 and 3 reps
  • Chest Supported T-Bar Row – Bumstead and Wilkin, 1 set, 4 reps
  • Cable Triceps Pushdown – Bumstead 3 sets, 8, 10, and 14 reps, Wilkin 2 sets, 5 and 15 reps
  • Seated Cable Low Row – Bumstead, 1 set, 11 reps

Over the course of the workout, both Chris Bumstead and Brett Wilkin were sharing their technique performing the exercises. Bumstead explains how he squeezes each rep at the top to maximize results and stretch. This also helps posing as he is comfortable with flexing and squeezing muscles.

“I really focus now on my back through at least three of the exercises. I actually hold each rep in the contraction. So I squeeze my back like I’m hitting a pose on stage and then I let it go. It really helps me build my mind muscle connection, not as it can go heavy but it helps,” Bumstead said.

You may have noticed that there were not many sets performed in each exercise. This is something that Bumstead explained in the video. He likes to keep volume low but gives great attention to detail during each rep. He practices slow contractions to build tension and this maximizes results despite the small number of sets.

Chris Bumstead is used to training with the mass monsters in Men’s Open, including his brother-in-law Iain Valliere. This time, he was able to join another young prospect in the sport and crush a back workout.

“Alright so that’s a wrap on today’s back workout. Did a pretty successful training session as always, we keep the volume decently low, and do 1 or 2 working sets but it’s all you need for gas, by the end you can’t even pull anymore because we’re actually putting the work in on each set. So it’s good training with Mr. Brett over here,” Bumstead said.

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