Chris Bumstead Down 28 Pounds This Offseason, Returns To Training Following COVID-19

Chris Bumstead returns to training to build another championship physique.

The Classic Physique division continues to gain popularity year after year. It is now near the top of the sport and Chris Bumstead if a huge reason. Bumstead earned his Pro Card back in 2016 and immediately became an elite competitor. The reigning three-time Classic Physique Olympia champ recently got back in the gym after a battle with COVID-19 caused him to lose a significant amount of weight.

Bumstead took to his YouTube channel to explain his lifestyle since winning his third consecutive Olympia title. He revealed that he felt it was a good period to take some time off and let his body recover. During that time, Bumstead contracted COVID and had to take even more time away from the gym. At this time, Bumstead revealed he is about 28 pounds lighter than he was at this point last year.

“I had decided to take a bunch of time off. Give my body a rest. Go natty C Bum. Give my internals a rest, my muscles a rest. I was barely training. You guys saw my last few videos. My training intensity was pretty shit. I don’t know why I filmed them. I was training a few times a week, losing weight drastically. I was focusing on my health.”

Since becoming an IFBB professional, Chris Bumstead has had great determination, both in the gym and in his diet plan. This is a process that can become grueling, especially when perfection is expected.

This is where Bumstead admitted he could use a break.

“When I compete now, I put extreme pressure on myself. I become obsessive with my goal with training, diet, rest, nutrition, recovery. Just what can be best for the Olympia because I have to be the best because I have to win. Balancing that enjoyment that I still love bodybuilding and that pressure of me having to be three-time, four-time Mr. Olympia is a juggle that I have to work on.”

Chris Bumstead contracted COVID-19 around Christmas. After recovering, he came down with another unknown illness that kept him out of action for a bit longer. Bumstead has since returned to training and is still in great shape. He revealed that he has lost weight but his body fat percentage is around the same. This means that h will focus on building back the necessary muscle.

In his recent video, Bumstead showcased his fourth day back in the gym. It was a massive back workout which he completed five exercises. These were lat pulldowns, smith machine bent-over rows, T-bar rows, close-grip lat pulldowns, and cable standing lat push downs.

There is no doubt that Chris Bumstead will get back to championship shape and compete for another Olympia title when the time comes. It is important for all athletes to take a step back and regain that passion when it might be difficult. For Bumstead, this time off could help him come back better than ever.

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