Chris Bumstead is on a Mission for 2019 and is Looking Strong and Focused

Chris Bumstead is looking strong and focused.

Ever since earning his pro card back in 2017, the expectation for Chris Bumstead to dominate in the Classic Physique division has risen to astronomical heights. Too bad for the Classic Physique competitor that no one told him that Breon Ansley had his sights on accomplishing that very goal himself. After two dominant years as champion, Breon Ansley looks installed to be the king of the division.

that said, Chris Bumstead isn’t taking things lying down and is looking to show that he has what it takes to dominate in 2019.

After some unfortunate mishaps set him back in 2018, Chris Bumstead is looking to rectify things by putting his all into preparing himself to upset Breon Ansley. While he may have his work cut out for him, Chris Bumstead appears to be working harder than ever in an attempt to conquer the Classic Physique division.

From the looks of it, things are off to a strong start for Chris Bumstead as he prepares himself to wow the crowd and the judges during his 2019 campaign.

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