Chris Bumstead is looking to up his game.

Are you one of those individuals who admire bodybuilders for their powerful physiques yet find posing to be somewhat pointless? While posing is only one aspect of professional level bodybuilding, the reality is that it’s perhaps more important than any other aspect.

You can have a powerful physique, look the part if a champion and all that, but without great presentation it’s all meaningless. Posing just doesn’t get the credit that it deserves. Even those who acknowledge that posing is a big part of the sport still wonder just how heavily it can be scored and how a competitor with a less than optimal physique can sway the judges in their favor.

One of the guns on the scene that made a big splash in 2017, Chris Bumstead was just a step away from claiming victory at the Olympia. But eventual champion Breon Ansley was just too sharp, too well put together, and too prepared for the younger Chris Bumstead. With his lesson learned, it appears that Bumstead is looking to add some new tools to his game. While he could pack on more musculature to perhaps catch the judges eyes, the reality is that Classic Physique is a category far more concerned with presentation than with how massive a competitor can become. Chris Bumstead is instead taking the path of least resistance and looking to brush up on his posing skills in order to earn a victory at the 2018 Olympia.

Just how important is posing to showing off an impressive physique? Take a look at the video below that showcases details you may not have noticed before.

Do you think Chris Bumstead can become Classic Physique Olympia champion?

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