Rockhold vs Weidman With so many things going on in the MMA world today it’s easy to miss a fight or two. Publicly the sport is at the top of it’s game with UFC at the head but multiple leagues (Bellator, WSOF, and One FC) finding their place. Holly Holm’s vicious headkick victory over former women’s bantamweight superstar Ronda Rousey, the upcoming bout with Mcgregor and Aldo, insane gladiator  style tournaments, it’s overwhelming – we get it. However, there is still no reason that the UFC 194 bout between current 185 lb champion Chris Weidman and No #1 ranked Luke Rockhold is not getting more buzz – this my friends is going to be a war. Probably the most well rounded fighter the undefeated Weidman has ever fought to date Luke Rockhold is a challenge for anyone in any weight division. With the standing skills to rock and sock with Machida and the Jiu Jitsu game that has earned him tap out victories in 8 out of his 14 wins, this guy’s no slouch. And his wrestling game? Did I mentioned that he trained with Daniel Cormier and Cain Velazquez on a regular basis – oh, okay, well he does.  He’s a big, physically gifted fighter with mad skills, and a chip on his shoulder. I always knew he was a scary individual but when I saw the Chinese handcuffs he put on Tim Boetsch in the first round of their UFC 172 bout I was a believer. Never before had I seen someone in a reverse triangle and a kimora at the same time. It was a great thing to witness, and I figured you’d want to witness it too. This brings us to Chris Weidman. A relative newcomer to the sport – on par with Jon Jones in the speed at which he’s risen to success, Weidman’s work ethic and fight IQ is out of this world. Ultimately I believe these are the main factors that cause the rise of these stars out of nowhere. While he’s a seasoned wrestler and has become quite the striker, just ask Mark Munoz and Lyoto Machida, his mental toughness is second to none. Who else could demystify the MMA shaman they call Anderson Silva? I’m not putting in any predictions for this fight but if Luke Rockhold can handle the pressure of fighting on such a big stage and stop the take downs of Weidman this fight could get interesting. What do you guys think, will it be ” and new…” or “and still…”? Give your opinion in the comments and forums. Also, be sure to follow Generation Iron MMA on Facebook and Twitter.