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The results are in…

We’re sad that Olympia weekend has ended. It was a wonderful show of talent and ability. We’d like to officially congratulate all of the winners and commend everyone who competed – you truly are all the best of the best. There was a lot going on throughout the weekend so we decided to put all the results into one place in case you missed anything.

Here’s a complete breakdown of all the top six winners in each division from Olympia weekend.

Men’s Bodybuilding

1. Phil Heath
2. Kai Greene
3. Shawn Rhoden
4. Dennis Wolf
5. Dexter Jackson
6. Branch Warren

Men’s 212 Results

1. James “Flex” Lewis
2. Eduardo Correa
3. Jose Ramond
4. Hidetada Yamagishi
5. Baito Abbaspour
6. Aaron Clark

Men’s Physique

1. Jeremy Buendia
2. Sadik Hadzovic
3. Jason Poston
4. Matthew Acton
5. Stephen Cook
6. Mark Anthony

Women’s Bodybuilding

1. Iris Kyle
2. Alina Popa
3. Debi Laszewski
4. Alana Shipp
5. Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia
6. Anne Luise Freitas

Women’s Physique

1. Juliana Malacarne
2. Dana Linn Bailey
3. Tycie Coppett
4. Karina Nascimento
5. Sabrina Taylor
6. Mindi O’brien


1. Nicole Wilkins
2. Candice Keene
3. Candice Lewis
4. Ann Titone
5. Latorya Watts
6. Gennifer Strobo


1. Ashley Kaltwasser
2. Janet Layug
3. Stacey Alexander
4. Yeshaira Robles
5. Amanda Latona
6. India Paulino


1. Oksana Grishina
2. Regiane DaSilva
3. Tanji Johnson
4. Bethany Cisternino
5. Myriam Capes
6. Fiona Harris

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