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Now that we know the standings, where do we go from here?

Before Olympia weekend, we stood in anticipation as to who would place in the top 10. While many placings seemed obvious – there was much left up in the air. Now that the weekend has passed and the competition has ended, we were left with some expected results but also some big surprises.

Let’s breakdown the top 10 winners and take a look at what it means for the next year.

#10. Juan Morel

Generation Iron Juan Olympia 2014

One small surprise that hit the Olympia stage last weekend was Juan Morel placing right on the edge of the best with #10. This was his first ever Mr. Olympia, and for a rookie to place in the top ten is a fantastic achievement. Most young guys need to slowly work their way up to the top ranks in Olympia – but with this start we are excited to see what is in store for him next year.

#9. Steve Kuclo


Steve Kuclo had competed last year but not placed in the top ten. So this placing is a great victory for him. While he still has a lot of work to do, he definitely needs to fill out his frame more. This year wasn’t a big leap in terms of his physique but if he could start bulking up over the off season and actually make some significant changes, perhaps he can place higher next year.

#8. Victor Martinez


We were really hoping that Victor would place higher this year. He was looking good all year and made a great victory at the Tampa Pro. There was a time when this man was destined to take the Sandow but a series of unfortunate events took a lot of that away from him. We wanted this to be the start of a possible comeback. – but without being able to at least break the elite 6, it doesn’t seem likely redemption will be in his future.

#7. Big Ramy


Big Ramy placed one rank higher than his first outing at Mr. Olympia – which is great, but we were really hoping for a top 6 placing. Ramy is a beast of Ronnie Coleman proportions and we have always had our eye on him being the next successor for the Sandow in the future. While that may still be the case, for now the older classic pros still reign above him in the judges eyes.

#6. Branch Warren


After placing 9th last year, many people were left wondering if Branch was starting to fizzle out. But in one of the most exciting surprises of the night, Branch Warren broke back up into the top six winners. He brought himself back up to prime conditioning and showed the world that he still had something left for the future and the fans.

#5. Dexter Jackson


Jackson hasn’t been out of the top six since 2001 – and it never ceases to amaze. As one of the older pro bodybuilders to appear in the competition, many people wonder when he will start to fade. But he proves to be as ageless as he is shredded – positioning himself as one of the all time greats even if he has only won the Sandow one time.

#4. Dennis Wolf


One of the biggest surprises of the night was when Dennis Wolf’s name was called out for 4th place. What many people thought was a shoe in for third – or even for second or first – Wolf ended up falling below many people’s expectations. It seems that a sort of rivalry is forming between him and Shawn Rhoden – Wolf was as gigantic and defined as ever, but it still wasn’t enough to place ahead of Rhoden.

#3. Shawn Rhoden


Shawn Rhoden was bigger, stronger, and more defined than ever. To put it simply, Rhoden was at his best that we have ever seen him, giving him the edge over Wolf to place back up into 3rd at this year’s competition. For anyone who feared that Rhoden was on the decline – they now have another reason to stay believers.

#2. Kai Greene

Kai 6

For many, Kai remaining the #2 to Phil’s first place was a travesty. Kai brought the best conditioning of his life to this Olympia and pushed Phil to the limits of his talents. People have gone as far to say that Phil “stole” the Sandow from Kai this year. While that’s hard to argue with two competitors who are as well defined and massive as these two – it makes for another year to add on a long list of reasons why Kai will come back next year even more powerful than this one.

#1. Phil Heath

Phil 8

The Gift remained on top this year, rising in the ranks and in history as one of the best bodybuilders of all time. If Heath continues on this path, he will soon join the elite and go down in history as one of the greatest to grace the stage. With every passing year the win will be more exciting. Can he be defeated? Will he rise all the way and even surpass the likes of Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman? Only time will tell.


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