How to Build Connor McGregor’s Body (Even if You’re Not a Fighter!)

Building Connor McGregor’s Body

If you’re like most of the world, then you’re just now coming off the high of the McGregor vs. Cerrone fight. This fight created a lot of buzz throughout the world, and if you’re a McGregor fan I’m sure you’re still riding that comeback wave.

This was Connor McGregor’s first fight since his chaotic loss against Khabib back in 2018. If you watched that fight, then you know what I mean when I say chaotic. And he broke (literally, go check out his nose!) Donald Cerrone within a minute!

Most likely you were impressed with Connor’s McGregor’s body. He came out there stout and lean like a true 170 pound Irish Gorilla. “Man do I look good at 170,” McGregor gloated when asked about the fight at the weigh-in.

Even if you’re not a McGregor fan, you gotta love his charisma.

And maybe you’re sitting there as the viewer wondering how you can build the same physique he has. I mean you can’t be a true fan of the sport if you’re not at least going through some of the pain these fighters go through.

I’m not saying you need to throw yourself in a ring ready to take haymakers, but you should at least be strength and conditioning.

I can’t promise you’ll be geared with the skills of McGregor and a walking lethal weapon, but I can guide you to developing Connor McGregor’s body.

One that’s strong, fast, has stamina and is lean and mean.

How Big Is Connor McGregor?

Connor McGregor is not the tallest man standing at 5 feet 9 inches tall. His weight varies depending on the weight class he fights at. He’s one of the few fighters who’s been able to bounce between weight divisions and still dominate.

Typically, McGregor will fight in the 145, 155, or 170 weight classes (featherweight, welterweight, middleweight).

Connor McGregor’s body looks the best at 170 to me. At this weight, he’s lean while still maintaining some mass to his frame.

Don’t get me wrong he’s pretty lean at 155 and shredded at 145 but to me, he lacks size at those weights and doesn’t look as brawny and healthy.

170’s also the weight he just mopped the floor with old Cowboy Cerrone (UFC head kicks knockout holder)¬†giving him a taste of his own medicine with a head kick to the face and that’s saying something.

Key Traits of Connor McGregor’s Body

After reviewing Connor McGregor’s body, you’ll notice he has broad shoulders and a firm upper chest. So that combined with getting lean is what you’ll want to focus on.

McGregor has some long arms for his height (74 inches) which makes him such a threat in stand up.

And although we can’t change the lengths of your arms, unfortunately, you have full control in creating a well-developed chest and broad, firm shoulders.

To make your upper chest and shoulders pop though, you’ll need to make sure you’re body fat is low. If your body fat is too high, it doesn’t matter how much muscle you have because you won’t be able to see it.

Connor McGregor sits between 10-12% body fat. The beauty of this body fat is that it’s high enough to keep your testosterone high and maintain a chunk of size but low enough to stay lean. It’s also not quite as rigorous to get as a bodybuilder’s physique is.

You’ll also want to work on your conditioning. To have a physique like McGregor, you want to make sure it’s capable to perform just as well on the inside as it looks on the outside.

And as a fighter, McGregor has spectacular endurance. (Despite what the critics say.)

Connor McGregor’s Workout Routine

McGregor is a fighter so building a big bulky physique isn’t his goal. He wants to develop a physique that can run miles at a time that’s still strong and mobile enough to ward off a lion. (That’s what it takes when you have a 5 rounder with someone as tough as Diaz.)

McGregor stated “It’s not about lifting heavy and sparring hard. It’s about the body being loose and flexible and having great balance; that’s the basis of martial arts.”

With that being said, McGregor focuses on calisthenics, mobility, and stretching above all else.

You’ll want to target exercises like decline pushups and piked pushups to build the wide chest and bulging shoulders of Connor.

McGregor’s Diet

To no surprise, McGregor has a clean diet and eats only healthy food when he’s prepping for a fight. He mainly consumes meat, complex carbs, and vegetables.

When speaking about his nutrition, McGregor claimed “I just try to eat clean. I’ll eat good quality meats, good-quality greens, good-quality carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and butternut squash, and that’s it.”

So make sure you’re eating clean and are in a caloric deficit so you’re trim enough to show off your muscles.

Connor McGregor’s Workout

Stretches & Mobility Work (every day)

  • Foam roll (adductors, abductors, quadriceps, hamstring, calves, hip flexors)
  • Stretches (hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors, calves, groin, shoulders)

For the foam roll, go up and down the entire lower body doing 2-3 sets of 10 rolls up and down for each muscle.

Hold each stretch for 90 seconds performing 2-3 sets.

Strength Training

  • Upper Body (Monday)
    • Decline Pushup 4 sets x max reps
    • Piked Pushup 4 sets x max reps
    • Diamond Pushup 3 sets x max reps
    • Bench Dip 3 sets x max reps
    • Chin-up 3 sets x max reps
  • Lower Body (Friday)
    • Bodyweight Squat 3 sets x max reps
    • Squat Jump 3 sets x max reps
    • Pistol Squat 3 sets x max reps
    • Bodyweight Walking Lunge 3 sets x max reps
    • Russian Hamstring Curl 3 sets x max reps
  • Abs (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)
    • Hanging leg raises 3 sets x 10-12 reps
    • L-sits 3 sets x 10-30 seconds
    • Front plank hold 3 sets x max time


  • Sprint 4-5 100m sprints for time (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)
  • 3 mile run for time (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)

Besides stretching and mobility, you’ll want to make sure you have 1-2 rest days for recovery.

You’ll work out your upper body Monday, Tuesday-Thursday you’ll do abs and/or your choice of cardio (sprinting/jogging), and Friday you’ll target your lower body. You’ll do stretching and mobility every day, and you’ll rest on the weekends.

The key here is to follow the progressive overload principle and make sure that each workout you’re doing more reps on each exercise than you did the previous workout. (If you’re running, make sure the time is faster.)

Rest periods are also important. When you’re training for strength and size, you’ll want to find a median rest period and rest about 90 seconds between each set on the strength training exercises.

The Heart of a Champion

Doing this workout combined with a clean diet will build you Connor McGregor’s body.

Not only will your physique have built upper chest and shoulders, but it will be primed to perform physically as well. You’ll have strength, endurance, and mobility the trifecta for a fighter’s body.

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