Generation Iron Controversial Olympia Wins

Not every win is a deserved one.

The Mr. Olympia competition is no stranger to its share of controversies over the years. Even in 2014 we still are witnessing some of the closest, and most controversial, decision the sport has ever seen. Some decisions are up for debate while others were so egregiously fixed that even a blind man could see the bias. Here are some of the most controversial Olympia wins in the history of the competition.

2014: Phil Heath vs Kai Greene

Generation Iron Kai Vs Phil

The battle between Phil and Kai was tense, entertaining, and perhaps was one of the most controversial. Many onlookers had Kai finally taking the crown from his perpetual foe. Fate would have it that the judges would favor the reigning champ. It appears that the bitter rivalry will continue on with Kai still chasing his dream of not only defeating Phil, but claiming the title of Mr. Olympia in the process. As decisions go, it was a greatly contested victory for Phil, the outcry of politics already creeping it’s ugly head over the competition. But this wasn’t the first time the the Olympia event had been steeped in controversy. In fact, it was merely continuing the long legacy of disputed decisions in the competition’s history. There’s no denying that both men were in top form and equally deserving of merit. That said, would anyone have been surprised to see Kai claim victory? For my money that answer’s no.

Jonathan Salmon
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