Could Cheat Curls Be The Secret To Giant Biceps?

Cheating might not always be bad.

Being a bodybuilder means being a science project. There are so many different ways to experience hypertrophy and build quality muscle that you could fill a giant book with the information. Heck, tons of books already have been produced on the subject. Nutrition is a major factor of course, but exercise, though not as essential as perfect nutrition, is of course another major factor in making some great gains.

In terms of building up your body there’s no one way to do it. Many people like to stick to a routine that works for them and watch their bodies grow. Those people who choose to keep things the same throughout their training may end up hitting a wall where all their development is halted. There are many others who never stop seeing improvement, but for those who do hit that plateau, changing up the routine is essential to seeing continued growth.

For those who are more content with fitness than aesthetics it’s no big deal. For the bodybuilder who wants nothing more than create a shredded, well muscled, and perfect physique, that simply won’t do. So in order to do that you have to add some variety to your workouts. Variety is the spice of life they say and it works much the same in terms of bodybuilding.

One muscle group that male bodybuilders like to build up is undoubtedly the biceps. You can curl with dumbbells, barbells, and preacher curl for so long before your progress begins to wain. If you want you muscle to grow then you have to put it under more resistance which means more weight. But what if you can’t lift the weights in a controlled manner? Well that’s not a problem at all as long as you decide to do one important thing: cheat.

The cheat curl is something that is frowned on by some bodybuilders while others live by it. Bradley Martyn is in the latter camp and employs cheat curls every chance he gets on arm day. Why does he swear by them? Take a look at the video to discover his reasoning by performing cheat curls.

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