Craig Golias is a controversial bodybuilder due to his insanely massive physique. He has consistently weighed well over 300 pounds (mostly muscle mass) for years. His number one focus is to be as huge as possible at all times. His obsession with being huge is so intense that he often perfects the art of angling for every single one of his social media photos. All in an effort to look as massive as possible. He was also featured in our feature film documentary – Bigorexia.



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Craig Golias Answers: At Over 300lbs Of Mass, Does Golias Fear For His Health?

Craig Golias explains that he feels as healthy today as he did when he was lighter. He also makes sure to schedule regular doctor visits to catch anything early. So far he’s had a clean bill of health. Golias goes on to explain that he uses far less steroids and eats far less food than most fans probably assume. He claims to not abuse steroids to the point of danger. He also makes sure to eat as healthy as possible. So no, on the whole he isn’t too worried about his heath at the moment.

He does, however, acknowledge that being over 300 pounds in the long term can have serious negative health effects. That’s why he does plan to one day trim down in his future – though he doesn’t indicate exactly how far down the road that will be. He uses Jay Cutler as the prime example of where he wants to eventually take his physique. Jay Cutler was a mass monster and 4x Olympia champion. When he retired, he trimmed down but still maintained an overall shredded and muscular look. Craig Golias thinks that’s the sweet spot he wants to hit.

Craig Golias Talks Olympia 2020, Calls Bodybuilding Today “Cute”

“I’m not super impressed with it like it used to be back in the day,” Craig Golias states during our video call. “Like late 90s/early 2000s. Those were the golden days of bodybuilding. Those were the days where like, we were still fighting for it. Now a days it’s just like, oh it’s cute. You know?”

While the 70s is more traditionally called the golden era of bodybuilding, there has been a growing rise of appreciation for the 90s specifically. For a new generation of bodybuilders and fans, the term “golden era” has now been used somewhat frequently to describe the 90s era of athletes.

This is somewhat normal as the sport’s history continues to grow. New generations bring new perspective on the sport. As the Arnold Schwarzenegger era of bodybuilding fades further into the past, new decades of the sport take the spotlight for best era.

With that part of Craig Golias’ answer in mind – it makes more sense for his take on the Olympia 2020 lineup in general. While he doesn’t say anything negative, he doesn’t seem to have an extreme passion for what to expect.

Wrap Up

Craig Golias discusses on many more topics in our near 40 minute full length interview including the reason he quit bodybuilding and the art of out-angling. You can watch Craig Golias’ full interview in our latest GI Exclusive interview above.