Creating A Monster: The Discovery Of Ronnie Coleman

Kevin Levrone discusses his impact on the all time great.

Everyone knows that Ronnie Coleman is perhaps the greatest bodybuilder of all time. With his shredded form, mountainous muscles, and massive size, there were few bodybuilders that could compete with the man in his heyday. We all know about his accomplishments as a bodybuilder, about his 8 Olympia titles. What we’ve never heard before is the tale of how Coleman became such a force to reckoned with.

Kevin Levrone is an all time great himself, a bodybuilder with numerous titles to his name and considered one of the true legends of the sport. He competed against Coleman for more than a decade and along their long journey the two struck up a friendship that has lasted until this day. Levrone sheds some light on the moment that turned Ronnie Coleman from bodybuilding competitor, to the man who would win 8 Olympia titles.

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Jonathan Salmon
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