Generation Iron CT Fletcher Overtraining is a Myth

The weakness is in your mind.

We’ve all heard the myth of overtraining, that it’s detrimental your heath, that your gains will be stifled. Overtraining is the act of pushing your body past its normal limits making for little to no positive gains. At least that’s the theory. There are many bodybuilders and lifters who don’t believe in the idea that overtraining is harmful.

Take CT FLetcher for example. Fletcher is of the belief that overtraining pertains to the specific person training. Someone’s intense total body workout could be another persons warm up. If you’re engaging in extensive workouts every time you hit the gym, the likelihood of pushing yourself to your extreme limit, to the point that you’re “overtraining” becomes unlikely. Fletcher’s belief is that once you push your body past it’s limits continuously, you eventually grow accustomed to that level of stress and adapt to it. What used to be your limit simply becomes just another rung on the ladder.

So really, just what is overtraining in the first place? Is it a physical wall your body refuses to push past? Is it a limit your body puts on itself to avoid physical damage? The funny thing is, everyone has their own interpretation of what it is.  Maybe it’s your mind telling you to give in. Maybe it’s a sign of mental weakness. The only way to really know is to tell that voice in the back of your head shut up and push yourself past your limits. Mental fortitude will push you past any thoughts of “too much” or “overtraining” until you’ve reached heights you didn’t think were possible. Basically, you should take a step back and ask yourself, “Am I really hurting myself or am I just being a wimp?”

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