BREAKING: The Dallas McCarver Autopsy Has Been Released


The results are in.

It has been three months since the untimely death of Dallas McCarver. Since that time many have been speculating as to the young bodybuilder’s cause of death. While there was no definitive answer in the past few months it appears that the answers to the questions surrounding the death of Dallas McCarver have finally been revealed.

Below is a copy of the autopsy report conducted on Dallas McCarver explaining in full detail the findings made by the coroner.

What do you make of these findings and the untimely passing of Dallas McCarver?

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    • Very sad! Crazy that at 26 he could already have an enlarged heart. Guess there’s a limit to how much you can push. I just saw another report that said they only found tren metabolites in his system and his testosterone levels were within the normal range

        • If you consider 10 to 12 grams of test a week low dose you would be correct. Not sure why people keep reading this autopsy incorrectly. 550 ng/”ML” is not 550 ng/DL. Dallas had test levels of 55,000 ng/DL. Ask a doctor if you don’t believe me but to get your levels that high you need pharma grade test at 10 grams per week. So to clarify, normal test levels in men range from 280-1100 nanograms per deciliter. Dallas’s test levels were 55,000 nanograms per deciliter. That’s 53,900 ng/DL above what is considered normal.

          Don’t forget about the tren that was present and also the GH and insulin that can not be tested. Multiple people have suggested Dallas used anywhere between 20-30 iu’s of growth daily.

      • This post is bullshit buddy he chocked totodeath on his food at his home in Florida his roommate came home an found him in the floor they cleared his airways but announced dead at the hospital due to choking

        • cause of death, as choking, is not important. what’s edifying is the extent of pathology in a 26 year old drug addict. use of steroids like that reflects an addict’s mentality- not one who admires physical culture. these “livestock” bodybuilders are simply high-risk takers with frontal lobe immaturity and no perspective on longevity and the real merits of weight-training as a healthy lifestyle. it is constructive to see autopsy reports and the pathology associated with these drug addicts’ behaviors.

        • That was initial statement released by his wife. And piana wasn’t on coke and opiates too right? 😂😂😂

    • My point there is a time and place for everything. People who abuse put a bad spin on potentially good thing when used correctly. The last couple generations of BB’s understood this, and they are still around today.

    • I watched a documentary and this powerlifter injected 100mg/ml of test and 100mg of tren both long esters every single day for 3months at a time. And would cruise with just the test everyday. He would do this all year round with no breaks just the breaks from tren. I would say indivduals like this are the abusers.

    • If you think that 1000 weekly isnt abuse you have lost perspective lol – that is the example of abuse. I’m on 200mg a week and doing amazing. I see pro BB’s all the time (not bro science 20 somethings that aren’t old enough to earn the wisdom but actual pros in their later 30’s or 40’s) say always go with the idea that less is more. Some pros are only on 250mg test a week. Plenty are on 500-600 a week. 1000 a week is overkill, plenty of the older BB’s will tell you this lol. Young BB’s losing perspective and abusing the anabolics is what is killing these guys, in case you didn’t read the doctors report. He died from steroid abuse – at 26.

      • I did half a gram off test and half a gram off bolde a week and I found out it was over kill nose bleeds.. Bad sides sleep.. And when I came off it was vile. Never again. A gram a week is abuse. I do 2 mill off test prop max and got better results no sides and sometimes 2 mill npp miles better results

    • My coworker gets prescribed test for trt he is in his 50’s and doesnt workout often and the doctor told him to take 75mg a week. So i would assume 10x that is abuse… The fact is you produce 1000ng of test daily and thats on the average side. That equals 1mg a day guys are taking upwards of 1000x the natural levels would be considered abuse…. Now you say some take 2k a week thats over kill. But im not judging at all i think if you want to go that route then take precautions like checking in regularly with a Dr. And gettimg blood work done. Its just crazy to hear that people take it to those extremes…

    • Indeed. I’m on TRT, actually have hormone issues since a child, make very little Test on my own. They have me on 200mg a week and I feel freakin’ amazing. Training 6 days a week as well and things are really working out well. 200mg is about where most clinics/docs max out, though I hear some will go up to 250mg. I think anything over that is considered a mild cycle. 😛

  1. It’s really sad with all the great champions that are out there.. why not seek some advice about the dosages that harm to the body
    .. a lot of past champions are still living a healthy life .. what a shame

    • It was extreme cholesterol levels that lead to the blockage. Yes, that can happen from certain roids. But, the cholesterol sticks due to inflammation in the heart which is caused by high doses of red meat, other drugs I’m sure, stress and genetics. You can’t just point the finger at roids and say they did it. If that’s the case then there would be thousand and thousands of people dead all over the world from them. You can’t grow that big without genetics 1st, eating TONS of food… Especially red meat, other drugs that they certainly play with (insulin) and of course roids. It’s a combination of everything. He was much too young and it’s bad but there’s a list of things to blame and it starts with Dallas FIRST!

    • …. You might know but others don’t… They assume. 27 years now, approx 30 shows and one heart attack recently… No matter how careful you are your genetics will catch you sooner or later. Throw multiple items into the pot and you will speed up the process even more. Dallas learned the hard way. Moderation with everything is okay but be excessive and it will get you. It’s a very sad story but too many people point to just one factor of it. That one factor did not cause his death. A shitload of factors caused his death. Just sayin’ ….

    • Jason C. Mack majority of the people in the fitness industry deny any death that’s related to steroids, whether professional athlete or some regular dude. And this is what we teach to newcomers it’s ok to take roids because we advertise our bodies on social media with a plate of healthy food and promoting vitamins yet no one mentions the real recipe( roids ) . Fuck all that b.s man with cute quotes under your pictures to promoting fake health . Anyways he died of eating too much red meat . What was the main reason he was taking so much red meat? Roids , competition . Have a good day

  2. There are factual references to family history of hypertension and also signs before his death of breathlessness and gaining in March, 2017. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but why were the signs not picked up? That cough he had was constant! No one said to him ‘man! Go and get a full body check up! Get the works done!’ Saddened by his death . So young and so talented! R.I.P. Big Country 🙁

  3. He had a history of heart disease in the family, there was hardening of the arteries. A friend of the family who attended the funeral said it was heart failure due to his arteries being clogged.

    Steroids mess up your cholesterol very badly, obviously compounded with heart disease in the family this made it worse.

  4. Juice wasn’t the cause of death … it was a contributing factor to genetic displacement of the left ventricle … he over drove the heart … is what they are saying give the same shit to some one else without that genietic defect probably no issue …

  5. Arnold said it best in his time they used maybe 15mg compared to nowadays where they use 1000mg also explains why most old school guys are still living healthy in there 70s our bodies are amazing but we keep pushing the envelope… Sad to see this guy go he was going places

  6. Steroids will get the blame regardless of his health conditions or any other contributing factors. These results have no business being shared all over the internet. Let the man rest in peace.

  7. Yep, roids no joke..

    Looks good on the outside..

    But on the inside eating you up…

    I’m not believing that most of the bodybuilders that last in the game
    They got to be doing things every single day to try and off set the drugs they are taking…

    And if they don’t
    They end up like this guy….

    I use to take stuff
    I don’t anymore..

    But I didn’t know what I know now…
    Do not fool your self if you are taking roids thinking it’s healthy..
    Because it’s not healthy at all…

    They make you strong, and look good..
    But don’t trick your self into believing it’s at all healthy and they you won’t pay for “one day” if you don’t stop the use of them one day..

    These pros that stay in the game long term..
    Are thinking of every way they beat the odds..

    I’m starting to believe the tops pros are well aware of the problems they may in counter
    So they are “living, eating, breathing, dreaming, about how to off set the side effects of the drugs they are taking..

    Or some of them are also just lucky as hell..

    People getting into this game, not thinking like that..
    Don’t have no business even trying it..
    Because this is the end for a lot of them..
    Take note of it, if you are even thinking about bodybuilding with drugs..
    Be extremely aware of this..

    I also do not believe these guys need to be on the doses and different combo
    Of drugs they are on to see results

    It’s that I want it all right now mentality and again
    This is the result of it..

    I use to have that mind set..
    And it fucked me…

    You could make gains slowly using “lower dose” over time
    Taking breaks with the drugs as well..

    I use to think high dose was cool, and it’s not…

    Slow steady gains if you even going to “think”
    About trying bodybuilding with drugs..
    And then when you on
    Living a extremely healthy lifestyle, with pushing it to far with the doses

    And different compounds..

    Bodybuild with drugs at you own risk

  8. No need to ne a genius to know that STEROIDS were the MAIN reason that killed him. He got a warning when he collapsed on stage, he should have stopped at that time. BUT these are signs that even if you’re under medical supervision it’s DANGEROUS so think about it.

  9. The man is dead…. shit like this shouldn’t be released cuz then you’re going to have everyone say it was steroids. Obviously the man was on gear obviously he was on GH. So obviously there was internal organs that were fucked up in the process. Can we just believe what people say he choked on food and died that’s simple clearly that wasn’t the case clearly people know that they were other reasons behind it. Let the man rest let his family get over this and rest fuck all this bullshit of the autopsy report and fuck the people for always saying it’s about steroids

  10. Sport is definitely not healthy when you are using steroids at a Premium amount. Also if somebody starts out as 180 pound man and add 80 pounds of muscle his heart is not geared for carrying that kind of weight around. The saying of too much of a good thing certainly applies here.

  11. The most astonishing thing in his autopsy. He had atherosclerosis at 26. Plaque in his arteries at 26. Left ventricle changes happen to any strength athletes who ignores the importance of slow steady state cardio. A balance between eccentric hypertrophy and concentric hypertrophy of the heart is also reversible if you stop lifting (and juicing) for 6+ months. But significant plaque buildup shows he had long term chronic arterial inflammation. At 26! Fluid in the lungs occurs in most cardiac arrest cases, Liver fibrosis also pretty shocking at 26. In the end I don’t think it was the drugs as much as he was not suited for the diet he consumed IMHO. Chronic inflammatory response is almost always diet related.

    • Basically said hey I won the worst possible genetic lottery for my health to bodybuild but I’m gonna take tons of hgh and gear and walk around at 330+lbs and even when I go to the doctors for monitoring and all my stuff is horrible like good and bad cholesterol I’m gonna continue

  12. Insulin….. Stop, please just stop with these stupid bogus autopsies… I respect bodybuilding, Dallas and his legacy, and I’ve taken the same risks as him in the past. Being a father, it’s no longer worth it. He had a long, bright future ahead of him and seemed like a great guy. I’m sure he will be missed…

  13. Its as I said way back when he collapsed in March onstage at the Arnold Australia. He had an upper respiratory infection and had family medical issues that are genetic. He was diagnosed with asthma at an early age as well and used an inhaler for years growing up. Yes the steroid cycles and such contributed to his condition but it was a pre existing condition that caused his death. He went into a fit similar to an asthma attack and choked on the food and died. Sad and tragic but the ignorant and super drama people will blame the steroids and only the steroids.. RIP to a young up and comer. I met him twice and he was respectful and had an awesome and friendly personality.

  14. If ur gonna put shit in ur body u are to blame for and u will get the fun of it for a while but its no worth taking was just a matter of time really. 2 great bodybuilders have died recently and cant really talk them out its there body they will face the consequences with there bodies sooner or later.

  15. He test positive for steroids. (Tren)That not the full report post on here. Heart issues also had caffeine and marijuana in system per report. Full report is on Fitness Volt to read

  16. Τhe organomegaly is GH/IGF1 induced.Its enormous how big his organs were.For instance in Rich Piana’s case,cardiomegaly was 600gr at age 46.While in case of Andreas Muntzer heart was also 600gr at age 31.However,in Dallas Mc Garver’s case,that 800gr myocardium is extraordinary.AAS induced atherosclerosis and CVD is well known side effect.It seems that Dallas suffered a heart attack, at the time he was having his meal.The toxicologic evaluation should reveal low serum glucose,in case he passed away due to insulin abuse

  17. These articles aren’t smart to post . Half the morons who read it have no idea what any of it means . And will also completely ignore the fact that he had prior issues from childhood and genetic issues within his family. But everyone just wants to blame steroids. Yes they have a big part if things but things all added up here.
    RIP Dallas. You will constantly still inspire us !

  18. To think that the use of steroids at high doses, outside the therapeutic doses, has no consequences is unusual. The causes of death of this bodybuilder are the same as a hypertensive patient without treatment for more than 20 years, problems that are seen in people over 50 years. Bravo another success of bodybuilding and its steroid Gurus

  19. 2017 was a shocking year anyways. I guess before throwing the blame on steroids, we should have a concrete support that the body is physically ok to take it and not to mention the dose. It was a proven adverse effect that they cause cardiovascular and hepatic damages. Now it’s too late and a waste debate. Rest in peace big brother

  20. Of course everyone will blame the juice as the cause of death, and although it contributes to his massive size, it’s not the real reason. Many athletes use steroids and it doesn’t kill them. I’m no doctor, but like I always say, too much size leads to permanent injuries or death. Look at all of the biggest guys of the past and their current states will prove this theory. The simple fact is this, when guys are this big, the heart is pumping so much blood that it is virtually being worked into overdrive (layman’s terms).
    RIP Dallas

  21. This is violation of HIPPA Law the fact that Generation Iron that you would post this is against the law this none of your business of how he passed away. You should be sued and the coroner that released this information. It’s tragedy to lose a such a great person and here you are with negativity of his death and the sport.

    • I did not see it until you shared this article. For the most part, many of the findings are consistent with other autopsy reports I have read. I first started taking note of such autopsy reports when the daughter of a mutual acquaintance of ours, having the initials J.S., forwarded her father’s autopsy report for me to review. What I took note of then and what I have continued to note over the years is the high prevalence of left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) among serious bodybuilders, whether they be pro or amateur. I have often seen that coupled with obstructive sleep apnea, usually untreated, and high blood pressure, also usually untreated. These particular findings are usually associated with chronic heavy exercise superimposed on a chronically over-bulked body that creates the cardiac muscle demand that ultimately produces the left ventricle enlargement. One can live with LVH and not notice any abnormal signs so long as the ventricle wall thickness does not reach a point where cardiac efficiency is compromised. Steroids certainly can play a role in the development of a massive body. They can increase the production of red blood cells that can make the blood thicker and more difficult to pump. But where steroids played a principle role in Dallas’ death was the effect on his blood lipids which produced the significant coronary artery occlusion. This probably led to the heart attack which, I would suspect, is actually what killed him at just 26 years of age. Steroids (and possibly consumed pain meds) probably were at play in the production of his liver abnormalities, but such abnormalities seldom produce an instant death. The kidney abnormalities may very much be associated with untreated high blood pressure or chronic consumption of NSAIDs, as is the case in many bodybuilders. I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that the kidney abnormalities seen in Dallas are solely attributable to anabolic steroid use. When comparing the autopsy findings of Piana and McCarver, particularly in regard to the cardiac findings, is that Piana had LVH absent the pronounced coronary artery occlusion of McCarver, which makes McCarver’s cause of death more stark and clear cut.

    • Thank you Doug Cancel. Knowledge is power. Before I was diagnosed several of my friends said to me. ‘Wow we always thought you would die from a heart attack’ I was really shocked by the comment but understand why they thought that way. Size definitely contributes to all kinds of unseen issues. I almost feel cancer might have prolonged my life. I had no desire to stop carrying that mass. Some of my young friends are taking the right approach towards their health.

  22. He took the same shit that EVERYONE else at his level takes. He was predisposed to heart conditions so obviously it sped up the process. The whole sport is genetics. You think Dexter hasn’t won a Mr.O bc he takes less gear? Lol your a fool if you think so. They all eat the same train the same and use the same gear at that levels. What separates the winner is genetics and also what separates health is genetics.

  23. When people are going to wake up. There’s a major difference between use and abuse. It’s about living a long and healthy life. Not living for the moment. Abuse comes with a price. The body count is out there, and will continue untill people will finally wake up…

  24. We all no the risks but we still choose to ignore them even me as you think it will never happen to you call it what u will be some ppl with stop at nothing in order to win or be at the top of your game

  25. Please people, if you are going to use steroids see your doctor on a regular basis. Stop taking stuff that people make in their home. Get the blood work done before starting any cycle no matter what it is. Please people let’s learn from this, R.I.P Dallas.

  26. May his family be strong in this moment of sadness.
    It’s high time the sport of bodybuilding is reformed. It isn’t a sport anymore…
    We lost Rich a few months back… I don’t know if that void could ever be filled…
    Why guys..why…
    Why can’t you resort to natural bodybuilding…