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Looks like we won’t see DLB on the big Olympia stage.

UPDATE (8/26): Dana Linn Bailey has put up a personal message exclusively on Muscular Development’s website explaining why she won’t be competing at this year’s Mr. Olympia. And it seems like her main reason is… well, she’s just too busy.

It’s no secret that Dana Linn Bailey has A LOT going on these days. She’s essentially running six different businesses at the time of this article. (Flag Nor Fail, Warhouse Gym, Speed Warhouse, Onward Supplements, among others).

She also has plans to expand on her fitness adventure tours – similar to her mini tour earlier this year that ended with a group hike up Mt. Washington. So yeah, she’s not over-exaggerating by saying she’s busy. Don’t worry though – this isn’t the end of her Physique career, stating in MD:

“I am definitely going to be upset that I am not onstage this year. I am going to miss performing my routine— it is what I look forward to the most! There is something about the stage that is so intriguing to me. We torture ourselves for four months for about three minutes of glory … but somehow it is worth it. How I feel when I am onstage performing makes it all worth it! It feels weird to say I am not competing this year. I am a competitor— that is what I do, that is who I am, so it does feel a little bit weird. But sometimes the best decisions can be weird. So thank you all for your understanding and support, and don’t worry … DLB WILL BE BACK!!! I can’t think too far ahead to say what my next contest will be … BUT I will be back onstage, and it will only be that much more exciting!!!!!”


Original story follows:

A big surprise hit the bodybuilding and physique world yesterday as RX Muscle reports that Dana Linn Bailey will supposedly not be competing at this year’s Olympia competition. Considered one of the greatest female Physique competitors out there today – it’s quite the shock that she would not compete in the “super bowl of bodybuilding.” Her latest two big competitions, The 2014 Olympia and this year’s Arnold Classic – found her placing second to Juliana Malacarne. For all the DLB fans out there who were hoping to see her get revenge in next month, it seems like those dreams have been put on hold.

Dana Linn Bailey has not stated why she has pulled out of the competition – but as more information comes to light we’ll update this page with the full information. Here’s the original report from RX Muscle:

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