Danny Hester: Stop Calling Bodybuilding A Selfish Sport

Danny Hester debunks the persistent myth that bodybuilding and bodybuilders are inherently selfish

Danny Hester is a top level bodybuilder who has been around for a long time. He’s lived and competed through multiple eras of the sport, eventually earned an Olympia title, and trained numerous celebrities on the side. It’s safe to say that he has an in-depth perspective on bodybuilding over the past few generations. That’s why he is angered when people consider bodybuilding a selfish sport. Sometimes even bodybuilders themselves make this statement. In our latest GI Exclusive, Danny Hester explains why bodybuilding is not a selfish sport and how debunking this thinking can lead to more success for aspiring bodybuilders.

On the surface, bodybuilding on a pro level seems to be a passion of vanity. It’s about obsessing over each and every inch of your body and perfecting it. While that may be true, there is also a deep comradery and spirit between bodybuilders who compete in the sport. Not only that – but a bodybuilder is made up of a team – dietitians, trainers, and coaches.

This is the point Danny Hester wants to get across during our new video conversation. He is tired of people, even fellow bodybuilders, calling the sport selfish. Being a niche sport, Hester sees a true connection and togetherness among bodybuilders. Though he does understand where the “selfish” sentiment first came from.

Our discussion started off specifically discussing money in bodybuilding. How hard is it to make a living as a full time bodybuilder? Is it easier today than it was in the past due to online and social media? Ultimately, Danny Hester believes it evens out. It’s not better or worse – just very different.

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So when it comes to bodybuilders leaving their hometowns, coming to California, and trying to start a life as a bodybuilder – it can be financially hard. This is where the selfish part comes into play. For bodybuilders starting out, the sport and lifestyle can seem selfish. The coast of supplements, gym memberships, and sacrifice in a traditional social life can all amount to an isolated life.

The reality, though, is that bodybuilding is a close knit community. When starting out and facing tough times – it might be easy to become isolated and see selfishness in the sport. So what Danny Hester wants young bodybuilders to know is this. Ask for help more than you do. Don’t be afraid to connect and put yourself out there with other bodybuilders. Don’t assume they all have it figured out because they look successful on social media.

Social media can be a trick. A classic, grass is always greener, scenario. The truth is behind the photos are more real lives with deeper problems than they are letting on. So Danny Hester wants to promote the comradery of bodybuilding. He wants to inspire young bodybuilders to connect more and see the non-selfish side of the sport.

It can be a real revelation. It can help bodybuilders from burning out. It can change the entire perception of bodybuilding at a time when it’s most important. Ultimately, it can make you a better bodybuilder.

You can watch Danny Hester go into more detail in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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