Danny Hester Has Contracted Covid-19, Out of the Olympia 2020

Danny Hester is out of the 2020 Olympia.

It appears that the first ever Classic Physique Olympia champion Danny Hester has contracted Covid-19. As a result, Hester will have no choice but to sit out this weekend’s Olympia show. The news was confirmed by Danny Hester directly to Generation Iron. He is currently in good condition with little symptoms.

The update comes hot off the heels of news that Roelly Winklaar also came down with the virus. This led to him also dropping out of the competition last minute. Winklaar was a hyped favorite with a chance to win or at least place in the top 5 for this year’s Olympia.

On top of that, it was just confirmed that Iris Kyle had also dropped out due to illness. While this was not specifically confirmed to be COVID-19, it was confirmed by Olympia officials that she had fallen ill with an undisclosed sickness. She did not appear at this morning’s pre-judging round.

The Olympia has lost quite a few major players just days out from the show. Flex Lewis and Cedric McMillan both had to drop out due to injury. Nathan De Asha is another pro bodybuilder who announced earlier this year that he would not compete.

The list goes on and on for a very different kind of Olympia weekend than we are used to. But there were some last minute positive surprises leading into the Olympia as well. Big Ramy and Hadi Choopan both managed to receive their visas to compete in the US for the Olympia this weekend.

Also Phil Heath is making his big comeback this weekend as well. He looks hungry and ready to take his place as the third person to tie the world record for most Olympia wins. But until Saturday night we won’t know for sure if he can pull it off.

While it’s yet another disappointment that Danny Hester will be yet another pro bodybuilder dropping out of the show, we wish him the best of health as he recovers from the virus.

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