Danny Hester makes the argument that drug testing pro bodybuilding would lead to a more unfair sport.

Ever since Arnold Schwarzenegger called for drug testing in pro bodybuilding – a whirlwind of controversy and discussion ensued. It’s not likely to happen soon but with almost all other sports holding some form of drug testing, will pro bodybuilding eventually follow suit? Danny Hester believes that it wouldn’t be a smart move and actually lead to a less fair sport. It would defeat its own purpose. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Danny Hester explains why he thinks drug testing pro bodybuilding would make the sport more unfair.

We’ve heard the arguments made by athletes and experts alike. They largely fall on one side or the other. Yes, drug test bodybuilding to make it safer and healthier. Or no, it will ruin the quality of the physiques and lose popularity. But Danny Hester has a different take on it. No, he doesn’t want drug testing in pro bodybuilding. He even mentions they’ve tried it once before during the Weider era. It didn’t work. But he also thinks that it will actually defeat the very purpose for imposing it.

Specifically, Danny Hester believes that instead of making the sport more fair, drug testing will actually make it more unfair. The reason for this is what you see in other drug tested sports. There are people who find ways to game the system, take the steroids anyways, and then have an advantage over athletes who play by the rules. If you leave drug testing out of bodybuilding, then everyone has the same options. Everyone can take the same risks if they choose.

Instead, Danny believes that pro bodybuilding should have mandatory blood tests at the start of ever bodybuilding season. Why? Because he does agree with Arnold Schwarzenegger on one thing – there needs to be a way to regulate the sport and make it more healthy. Drug testing bodybuilding won’t make it more healthy – but perhaps a blood test could help prevent bodybuilders from dying and collapsing on stage.

How would something like that be implemented though? And how would there be a ruleset to determine what a “failed” blood test is? Danny Hester doesn’t go into detail about it. But he does think it could be an initial starting point for a bigger conversation about how to make pro bodybuilding healthier.

You can check out Danny Hester’s full response about drug testing in pro bodybuilding by watching our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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